Community Manager Candidates 2022

This thread is for the applicants to the Community Manager Position to introduce themselves and their vision for the role. Only posts from the applicants @Penguin_ and @Deribus will be allowed, all others will be removed.

Discussion and questions should be posted to the Q&A Thread


Instead of focusing on what I would do if elected, I'll focus on how I've already been doing many of these duties.

Hopefully the above demonstrate both my experience with and willingness to do many of the tasks that might be asked of the community manager. Oh, and also I'm a Russian speaker so I can engage with astro players.

What are my actual plans if I were elected?

A lot more of the same, additional data compilation, updates on the state of development, I like the regular games idea. Might look into running a successor to "this week in slack" but Zulip is so active in so many channels I frankly don't know if I have the time to catch up on that many messages. I have a few other ideas but I'm not committing to anything at this point until I consult with the board post-election.

Will I remain a moderator?

I too had this question, as I was hesitant to retain the moderator role while also being the community manager. I felt this would make me less approachable as a community member. However after posing this question to the board they recommended I keep my role as a moderator, so that I will do.


Hello everyone,

I’m applying for Community Manager, as I would like to improve the FAF experience, increase transparency, and give more value, weight, and focus to the desires of the FAF playerbase.


I’ve been part of the FAF community for 8+ years; contributed as a mapgen developer, game developer, mapmaker, modder, and member of the matchmaker team. My contributions include creating ~70 maps, over a dozen mods, numerous mapgen improvements, the new in-lobby autobalancer, team rating display, etc. I have put a lot of time into improving the FAF experience, creating resources, connecting players and contributors, reducing toxicity, training players, and answering questions. I have developed working relationships with numerous different contributors and users from a large variety of different FAF communities, and I often seek additional feedback from a variety of players and contributors to help determine how things should be improved and what should be focused on.

Community Manager

As Community Manager, I would:

  • Act as a liaison between the playerbase, contributors and FAF officials, to better voice the desires of the playerbase and to work with relevant contributors and FAF officials to try to get popular changes that would be good for FAF implemented

  • Create new systems that help to connect players with relevant contributors and resources, increase transparency, and make it easier for contributors to get useful feedback and player data. For example, I would like to create a feedback/data section on the FAF Discord, which would have a conveniently structured system for polls, surveys, and more

  • Create a new channel on the FAF Discord specifically for community discussion of ladder/TMM map pools, the maps in them (and their gameplay), and the processes used to determine what maps are put in the pools

  • Create a structured suggestions system that helps connect good ideas with relevant contributors (and makes that process easier and more efficient)

  • Organize community events – I’d start with organizing some casual game nights, and would go from there

  • Create a FAF calendar, which would include things like tournament dates, patch dates, community events, etc

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