Supporting Shield Generators (Cybran)

Do they changed anything ?
Normaly if i support my shields with hives they recharge fast till the energy is full restored. (if u have the recources) Now its a strange behavour. They recharge just till 70 % or so. or they dont recharge till u klick again and then it jumps from 40 to 80 % for example.

Is that just me ?

I had that serveral games but i ignored it. but now it starts to nerv. last game

28:00 u can see the shield is not going 100 % back. i have to klick other buildings and then back to the shield. strange to decribe u have to c it.

as noone replied to this post the problem is most likely my PC only...somehow.

Yes I've had the same issue recently. I think it got in with last patch.

The blue bar is not accurate. Shields also seem to drop faster. And yes; when clicking the shield again, the blue bar makes huge jumps.

Btw; super shit forum software, deleting my entire text because I have to wait 120 sec between posts.

This is an issue, I'll fix it once I have recovered. Could you make an issue on Github?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I dont have an account on github.
get well soon.

So? This forum is already a maze, Github looks even worse.

This is fixed on FAF Develop 🙂 .

What is wrong about Github?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

thx for fixing !

@jip said in Supporting Shield Generators (Cybran):

What is wrong about Github?

To me it looks like a maze. Just like this forum software is one of the worst there is around.