Linux Client 2022.4.0 Failed to launch

Trying to get the newest release of the client to launch, but it's giving me a java error.

Error: Could not find or load main class
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I'm using openjdk-17_linux-x64_bin, and have JRE 18 installed locally on my machine. Neither seems to be working. After working with user Loapydoapy in discord, it seems to be an issue from the 2022.2.0 > 2022.4.0 releases.

System possibly dont gave you access to install all required files from installation

I opened all the files for everyone to be temporarily executable and read/write for the FAF folder. Still same error though. Is there any other files/folders that need to have updated privs?

I'm going to remove the elevated access. But if you or someone else can point me in a direction, i'd be appreciated.

Both 2022.3.0 and 2022.4.0 work for me using this command:

INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre-18 ./faf-client

@keyxmakerx please don't be offended, but it seems to me that you are launching something wrong.

try to exclude everything unnecessary, open the client folder, open the "faf-client" file with a text editor

Uncomment (delete #) this line

add the path to the directory
JAVA_HOME should point to a JDK not a JRE(google that)
save the file and make it executable
try to run through the terminal
if it works, you can try other launch methods

JRE is fine.

I would try to redownload and reinstall the client files from scratch. Maybe some files just got lost along the way. It happens on windows too from time to time and you just need to redownload.