zoom map when hosting

I generate random map. Looks like it might be good, but the preview, it's the size of a stamp. A tiny stamp because I made 12.5km and it's got a big black border. There's this black gradient over the bottom that ensures the very interesting map name spanning 2 lines is readable so I squint harder than Clint Eastwood. No use, can't see shit. My old man vision can't even pick out the spawns if the map is of the darker kind. So I click create game. I zoom into the map using the NEW BIG LENS BUTTON ❤ and notice something I don't like. Close lobby. Go back to host dialog.

I realize this host dialog was never designed to nitpick generated maps, count mexes per spawn, see the difference between cliff and ramp and all that stuff. We didn't have mapgen back when it was made. But maybe it's possible to add the NEW BIG LENS BUTTON ❤ in the game creation dialog thus fixing it?

Phong in the new version of the client if you click on a map image it should show a big version of the image

that's awesome.

It was added by @MarcSpector in the newest version

Thank you @MarcSpector i feel seen.

Sorry mods, wasn't aware of this development. Lock at your leisure

How could I miss this. I will add this feature for the map preview in the "Create game" window.

@marcspector Mapgen hosts everywhere rejoice!

@marcspector of course you miss 😁 😁 😁 I know why

Thank you so much MarcSpector, this is actually such an amazing QOL change! Now I don't have to lean forward and squint every time I generate a new map.