Total Mayhem 1.37 for all game versions


Hello SuiSide,

If you can't find any help here, you could contact Balthazar directly over his gitHub repo:
There you also get the latest version of BrewLAN.

Or you can contact him on Discord:

AI Development Discord Server (AI-Swarm / AI-Uveso / RNGAI / DilliAI)


I just used the updated version last night. The Experimental UEF and Cybran nuke defence structures were failing left and right.
A missile would arrive, the device would shoot at the missile, 4 or 5 times before eventually killing the missile.
This would otherwise be fine except when 8 missiles are arriving at the same time.

In earlier versions the structures reliably destroyed most missiles with one hit.

The Cybran structure launched at least 9 pseudo-anti-nuke spheres at one missile.
The UEF structure would send streams of phalanx type ammo at the missiles, and also not destroy them.

Given the contruction cost vs defense missile launchers against several U-Vesso AIX players, something seems off.


Hello Gladry,

yes FAF has increased the Healthpoints of a strategic missile by 1000 times.
So a missile that had 25 HP before has now 25000 HP

The next update of Total Mayhem will have stronger missile defenses.

Thanks for reporting this!


Anyone else having trouble downloading the mod from this page? When I click the link it opens a new tab and nothing happens, If I mouse over the tad it is says loading and doesn't do anything.



I tested the downlod link from the 1st post right now, and it's working.

Just to be sure this is the full URL:

Can't downloaded? Please fix the link. all of links is broken

This post is deleted!


links checked and they are all working.


is there any guide on techs, so that not in the heat of battle to study who and why, but to familiarize yourself in advance?


Hello @Fangorn

no, there is no guide or info for this mod.

One hint, that almost nobody knows, if you upgrade your land factories then there is one tank inside the Tech1 tree that will
also upgrade with the factory.
So if you have a tech 3 factory then you can buil a cheap and upgraded tech1 tank and spam your oponent with it.