Continuous spam of messages freezes client

By continuously sending /31 a player was able to freeze the game for all others.

Is there a way to enable some spam guard or message throttling to prevent this?

Options β†’ Gameplay β†’ Multiplayer Taunts β†’ off

Does this fix it?

No, the game continues to freeze. The UI is intermittently unresponsive.

I'll fix this with the next release. If people do this on purpose then you can inform the moderators - by all means this is malicious.

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@jip i think simple counter for same latest message will be enough. No more than 5 duplicates of msg. or smt like that. And yeah, it is only against copy-pasta spam

Yeah - no need for anything complicated

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

No, my "Glory to the Princess" spam 😞

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this problem also exists while in lobby. i remember a few times the chat was flooded with messages and the game crashed. not only /31, plain text works too