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Thanks to EarlyDoors for donating $£50, the total prize pool is now $544.20!

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@rowey done

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I just realized its the beginning of easter holidays, I'm also out then B(

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Well, im dumb for qutting 5 and a half months ago. but, have fun everyone!

@kekomander Sir come back! You’ve got time to derust in time for this

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Sign up fedorafreak 1296. my bad for not reading instructions. Mize distracted me.

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@Pryanichek : I've heard from a couple TMM players that they are not signing up due to the "no two games in a row on the same slot" rule.

The reason being simply that it doubles the hours you need to invest into getting a setons worthy BO without adding all that much to the gameplay/tourney.

Have you considered relaxing that rule to get more TMM players interested in signing up?

If it works out, earlydoor's suggestion of 2 tourneys, split by rank, would also become a lot more likely

@cheeseberry It's a complicated question. Yes, if we remove this rule we might attract more players. However, we will get the highest ranked players to play only on the rock or in the air, which will make the tournament not so interesting

Also, splitting the tournament into two parts would require an extra day for one more tournament.

I don't mind removing this rule, my goal is to make the tournament as interesting and comfortable as possible.
But I would ask the tournament participants to give their opinion, as I myself have doubts.

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I vote to keep the slot restrictions, it adds more strategy and will nerf the captains. Nerfing the captains will allow the later picks to make more of a difference. It also prevents some 1200 from bo whoring one slot and crushing.

The highest ranked players are already gonna be playing only rock or air as they have the largest carrying capacity of the slots. The only exception to this would be if the rule didn't exist because it's easiest to transition experience from air in normal teamgames to air on sentons and it presents a tradeoff to put an 1800 or 1900 normal teamgame player there and instead put a better sentoner on one of the other slots.

Jup, the rule as it exists now ("No player can play 2 games in a row on the same slot.") will result in the captain and their first pick just trading air and rock back and forth, while the other two play beach and mid.

So if nerfing captains is the goal, this rule won't do much.

If you wanna nerf the captains specifically, enforcing the opposite, i.e. having them only play their choice of beach or mid, would be a lot more effective.

Alternatively just having everybody play whatever spot they like achieves the same balance wise, while also allowing some of the TMM players to compete much easier
(and probably resulting in more interesting gameplay, as you can go all in on the BO practice for a single slot, instead of getting a "good enough" BO for two)

Sidenote: Should we get enough players for two tournaments, both tournaments could be played on the same day. They won't interfere with each other, afterall.

Initially, I thought about making a rule so that the slot could not be repeated for 4 games.

Then I decided to soften this rule to 2.

As for holding 2 tournaments in one day. It would be possible to consider this option. But I will need helpers, because I won't be able to look after 2 tournaments at once. If we have enough people signed up, we'll choose the best option

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I think changing the rule from 2 to 3 or 4 might yield more interesting results and strategic planning for which games to play which slot. So, I personally would prefer changing it to 3 or 4; I'm fine with 2 though.

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