Interface/UI Scale and UI mods

I'm getting some weird side effects when changing interface scale with ui mods on - are they at all compatible?

If UI mods don't scale, it means they are poorly written

@eternal AGREED, tried to work with someone for a casting UI, it didn't scale at all and the dude never bothered to fix it. If it doesnt scale its because they are lazy and didnt care.

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The scaling is relatively new, like in the last 1-2 years, so it's not surprising older UI mods wouldn't have been designed with scaling in mind

That isn't correct - any UI that uses the default functions helper functions for UI, namely those in LayoutHelpers.lua, will scale properly. Only when people invented their own functions the scaling is not taken into account by default.

I do not think the word 'lazy' is correct here - it is more people just not knowing that the helper file exists. If they did, it would scale automatically just like the rest of the UI.

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