how exactly overcharge rework works now?

hey there, i have no idea where to find some patch notes or something else to well understand how overcharge works now. I just know from loading screen it needs 60 000k power to deal 15k damage, but im interested how exactly is scaling overcharge damage with energy, how it works againts enemy acu or buildings, thanks

4 e = 1 damage, minimum of 5000e to use oc, max of 60k e

Fixed 400 damage for 5k e on ACUs and 800 damage for 5k e on structures
If overcharge does enough damage to kill a mobile shield bubble it also kills the generator

@deribus so no matter how much e you have you'll only ever do 400 damage to an ACU?

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yes it cant do any more than 400

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The loading screen should probably be amended as you need more than 60k energy to deal 15k -think you need about 66.7k stored as you only use a % of stored e on overcharge

"Dealing maximum damage with overcharge (15,000), costs 60k energy and requires at least 67k energy in your storage" this is in the loading tips

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

My mistake, for some reason i thought it just gave the 15k and 60k figures

Overcharge does not depleet last 10% of power of your storage, thats why you need about 67000 power for 15000 overcharge

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