Solution for desyncs

It think it would be good to add mod version number to each mod name and put faf client to check checksum of mod folder lua files before each game. That will enforce that all players must have perfectly same version of mod. Currently specially total mayhem is total pain to get same version for all players.

I added a filechecker to Total Mayhem,
just check the game.log and search for:

info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2619] - Running from: @c:\programdata\faforever\gamedata\lua.nx5\lua\siminit.lua.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2620] - Checking directory /mods/ for TotalMayhem...
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2627] - Found directory: /mods/totalmayhem/mod_info.lua.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2632] - Check OK. Found 1 TotalMayhem directory.
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2636] - Checking files and filesize for TotalMayhem...
info: * Total Mayhem: [siminit.lua, line:2663] - Check OK! files: 2178, bytecount: 749995008.

It will print an error when some files are changed or missing.
If you see Check OK! on all PC's then you should not get any desync from this mod.

@uveso It hink this is workaround not solution. I can fix my own mods but I cannot fix other players mods. Checksum check needs to be at faf itself. Also all versions needs to have own name so game it self cannot think that two version of same mod are same.


yes this is only a workaround for Total Mayhem and needs a manual check of all involved game.logs.
You said that currently specially TM is causing your headaches and i hoped this would help you right now.

Of course a general mod check from the game itself would be better.

Btw, different versions can(should) have the same name. They have different UIDs and another version number.
We have a rule in the vault not to change the name of a mod if you just upload a different version!