Should you be able to send engineers to other players?

Let’s start a little discussion on whether or not players should be able to send engineer type units to each other. If no, then all build units would be blocked from being sent and factories that are sent would have the engineer in the build list removed.

However, if you are not able to send engineers the capture game mechanic would need to be reworked a little to make it easier to steal an opponent’s engineer. An option could be you are able to capture an engineer while an engineer is in a transport ship, once captured it gets beamed up to the transport ship so it can quickly escape. This makes players to be more mindful about where their engineers are reclaiming. Also, the capture time would need to be adjusted.

As of now it is too easy to just share all factions with all players.

This would be quite a big change in team games and there is a lot of meta round sharing units, however I kind of like the idea of utilizing the capture unit game mechanic more and have teams earn the ability to use other factions. Might be a fun mechanic to steal engineers from the other team in the early game rather then just being handed the unit.

Anyway just an idea what are your thoughts.

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i don't see why would you not share tech tbh,it's a teamgame still which starts up with the faction pick in lobby,makes people plan their game before even strating the sim

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i remember in GPG on setons it was BM or kinda forbidden to mix tech on navy

today it is common to allow people to share tech

but you can mod or makeup any rules that you like in your games and play however you like and only allow mixed factions if person actually captured engineer from opponent...

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Looks like something that need playtesting.
Maybe an option while creating match?

I think this is something that should be reserved for mods or "gentleman's agreement" type rule sets before a game not as a core mechanic of the game. (or maybe a setting that can be toggled) Sharing tech is awesome for certain maps/mods but for the most part, I would argue teammates don't generally share tech in the average game. The only time I ever share tech to or for seems to be when I am doing astro/gap type maps.

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The game balance will be significantly harder especially for resource-rich maps. Cybran hives are just too powerful. They have long build range and change assist targets immediately. For example, in the Phamtom mod where there are resource multipliers and it is hard to get tech from other players, they balance this mod by adding hives to all factions. I would imagine that Cybran is the only good faction for DualGap games which disables engi sharing.

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