Some strange on gameplay

Jemfor159rus or Freza get some kind of game mode, it is impossible to play the energy in the minus from the very beginning and it drops to minus all the time, I built several generators, but I just can't see that this would give any effect, even t3, next i cant report it and cant understand how it to ply if your energy is random fall in - can u check what is it
#15653665 and #15653456

@whiterush Maybe its a mod you are playing with?

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I looked at the replay (the one available in the vault) and didn't notice anything weird. It looked like they were just being stingy with building pgens compared to the amount of energy they wanted to spend.

Maybe they are just used to getting more energy overflow from teammates, and they struggled without it?

Is there a specific time in the replay that you think things were incorrect or unfair?

The match would have desynced if not all 6 computers calculated the same amount of power for each player. So I think this is just a case of bad eco management. No offense.

@arma473 its faf beta too strange mod to faf cant get normal build for this