Last chance to change. ))

Let's see what the game is about and what it looks like.

For example StarCraft. Great game for one player. Beautiful units. Beautiful mops. All perfectly. Let's go to multiplayer. What do you see? The one who clicks the fastest wins, others have nothing to do there. You can search AlphaStar. ))) Someone likes it, yes. But most casual players will just walk away. Better to fry the steak and pour yourself some good port.

And what is there?

The game is supposed to be about battles of large armies, etc. Beautiful battles of hundreds of units. Lots of tanks.

Let's go to the multi player. What will the new player see there.

The most popular map is DualGap. And etc
What needs to be done there?

Front - 40 minutes just build a bunker and dump resources on the big cannon. You can make a teleport. Better to fry the steak.

Air - look on the Internet how to make a bomber in 9 minutes, build a smd, build fighters, throw off resources on a big cannon. You can make a teleport. Better to fry the steak.

Fleet. The same as the previous two.

Economy. Look at the internet. Build a large cannon in 30 minutes.
Repeat 3 times a day.

Total. The most important thing is to build a cannon. Victory depends on this. Do the same every time, like an automaton. For 30 minutes we sadly build the cannon, the rest of the time we defend it and wait for it to destroy everything. You can also teleport or send bombers. It's all.

Seton Map.

Front. It's not at all clear why. Just build a bunker and help the fleet. Dump the mass of aircraft.

Fleet. Drive away the enemy fleet from resources, transfer a lot of aviation.

Air. Build fighters. And a big cannon, a paragon, a lot of smd, a lot of satellites.

Eventually. The most important thing is to build a large cannon or paragon. It's all. This is the goal.

Peanut type maps.

We butt with units for 20 minutes. You can kill anyone with karsars. Then we build a bunker. And everything is the same. We are trying to kill the commanders with bombers, we are building artillery, teleporter.

Let's summarize.

The essence of the game is waiting for 30 minutes of artillery construction, protection from snipers. That's all.
Everything else, i.e. The tanks are just for show. There is no sense in making them. Only at the very beginning to get more resources from the map.

Bothers you after a couple of months. Therefore, online 1 400. How people can play this 3 times a night, I do not understand.

40 minutes to do something to make sure that the opponents built the Moor 2 minutes earlier. )))))) This is bad fun.
Let's do the construction of the Mavor in 10 minutes. That would not wait 40.))) Anyway, it makes no sense to do anything other than this.

If there are instructions on how to win, like building a cannon in 30 minutes. Or for 9 bomber. And this gives a huge chance of winning. This is a bad game.

In my opinion, it is better to drink Portuguese port and fry a steak.

From the positive. The 2x2 mode has appeared. This is much better. But again it all ends with a big cannon, teleports, and nuclear missiles and bombers.

Maybe something needs to be changed?

Can it do exactly the battles of armies?

I am sure that by downloading the game in a year, I will see everything the same. Building a large cannon in 30 minutes. Boring.

I think this post is useless and nothing will change. ))))

You're a troll. Hopefully no one is gullible enough to spend 10 minutes preparing a response to this trash.

Mods please lock this thread asap . . .

Blame the players, not the game. Starcraft had the original DotA, AoE2 has Black Forest, Supcom has Astro and Dualgap. There's always a lot of people that just want to turn their brain off and eco for half an hour, very little can be done about it unless you're fine with banning custom games entirely.

Not sure we need another "hate on dual gap" thread. Just gonna go ahead and lock this.