Kyro's lobby - updated

@Rowey it's not question for FAF Team... Interested community can support this alternative lobby.

then you need to see it the original creator allows for the code to be added to a git repo & allows for it to be altered with the correct Licensing

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I'm not really the best person to maintain this anyway. When orig creator didn't update for new UI scaling, i just did it on my own for my own purposes through trial and error. What needs to happen is for someone who knows Lua to rethink Similar functionality with new code that fits the actual Lobby code, so there is no issue with rights.

Jip also has a point that this has too much code to vet, and it's not really a priority when you can just manually add it.

I'm convinced there is a better method for aligning slots for instance, but couldn't figure it out myself.

@macdeffy I can add some features into lobby through PRs if needed. However i would recommend not use this lobby mod anymore because it causes problems for others when host has it. It also has tons of bugs, so, just leave it and improve main lobby...

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I have packed a GitHub project with all current files about KyrO's Lobby, legacy code and the code from OP for whoever wants to tinker around with the code, or simply to save it for legacy/nostalgic reasons:

I have used the modified lobby for so many years, it was unfortunate to see that the original developer had abandoned the project for unknown reasons.

The latest Lobby, from OP, will probably have bugs and could lead to unwanted side effects for host and clients. Officially, it is not supported.

Some background about the lobby:

  • The lobby.lua file has ~10k lines in total, ~3k were added by KyrO
  • KyrO, macdeffy and any other who tinkered with it have not used git. May the force with you if you try to follow all the untracked changes

Fun fact: Chinese language supported was added, and macdeffy added scaling for the GUI as well.

How the development cycled:

KyrO used a version of FAForever's lobby.lua from the year <2017 and modified it by several enhancements and QOL functions. The last time he was active on this project, was on his Google Group, back in 2018. Since then, it broke several times, when FAF updated something on their end.

It got hackish "fixed" by other FAF members who knew a bit about coding and several, different versions for several iterations of other FAF versions were shared via the Forum attachment function from 2018 until today. Yeah, messy.

Coding environment:

This legacy code is not intended for beginners, you will have a very bad experience working with that huge file. If you are interested with LUA, head over to

However, feel free to ping me if you need further information about this project. I am not familiar with LUA, but happy to help.

Future hopes:

Integration of following three personal favorite QOL features:

  1. Auto move me to my favorite spot for each specific map, when slot is free.
myslot = function(self, params)
  1. Swap lane players with one click
SwapPlayers = function(slot1, slot2)
  1. The SwapPlayers stuff is directly connected to the entire visualization of the slots, related to the starting points for the players in the map. I think that is one of the harder parts to integrate, because it can break so easily, and the current implementation is incredible hackish. But if you see it once, you never want to go back.

oh yeah. i was messing about with the LOC values because originally there were none used by the column labels, but it didn't work for the chinese characters. it was mostly me just seeing if it worked. i had forgotten completely about it and am not even sure the translation is correct.

otherwise thanks for putting up the github. i wasn't really sure how to go about it, or even make use of it, but hopefully this gives others an avenue for fixing it properly.

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My UI Mods

Hi, All! Please help me set up the lobby mod. I followed the instructions and placed the kyros.nxt file in the gamedata folder. But to no avail. I took different files from the forum header and from github, the result is 0. The lobby mod not working after the last client update.

@monstratus The Kyros Lobby mod is no longer allowed with FAF as using .nxt files like it does provided a way for people to intrusively enter lobbies & take them over.

official integration of these features would be very nice indeed.