List of Crowdsourced Icons for UI Mods


A new patch is coming that should make it easier to make UI mods that change strategic icons in FAF. With the ability to design new icons for any unit/structure in FAF, I think it would be good for the community to work collaboratively and create/share icons that others are free to use in FAF UI Mods.

So, if you have created/designed some new versions of any strategic/in-game icons for FAF, and you are okay with others using them in UI mods, please share them here:

(PS: Please keep this thread very clean, with no replies other than people uploading icons/related files/brief descriptions of their uploads)

If you would like to discuss strategic icons, you may do so in this other thread.


Download link for all of the strategic icons pictured in this forum post:

Here are the icons that are presently used in "Penguin's Icon Mod" (which is available on the vault):

Here are some alternative icon designs that had some merits but didn't end up being used:

As with all of the icons that will hopefully be shared in this thread, others are free to use any/all of these icons in FAF UI Mods and improve upon them further.


If you want to change your support commander, here are some Among Us files, so you can spot the SUS ACU.

Small and Medium icons.


Want some medium size nuke icons? Here is Deadpool, spidey, yin-yang, and smiley face for you.


Just upload it the vault?


I don't have a full set unless you count the modified ASI ones which i won't upload unless there is consent.

And i haven't made a full mod otherwise. This thread i thought was for anyone to use and make their own as they see fit, including individual icons.

So here they be.


Umm you don’t need to have a full set of icons? The point of the latest init changes are enable uploading mods like you wre making here


some time ago I made icons for my self, so if anyone wanna use them. you are free to do so...

Screenshot from 2021-09-28 18-20-10.png

*icons work best with ASI mod (small icons)
**some icons have weird colors, it is caused by creating .dds file

.dds here:


I wasn't aware you could have different t4 icons. Is that new? I must have missed that.


it's not hard to do. all the experimental just have an Experimental_generic Icon along as you specify the icon to use you can have whatever you want


Has anyone done a full rescale of the stock icons at 150% (nicely)? I have batch rescaled them with ImageMagick (with a sharpen filter) but the result is not pretty in-game.