My Balance Mod to-do list

I've started a new job so I haven't really had time for modding (not that I was ever dedicating much time to it) but I thought I'd write a list of problems I'd like to address before I start forgetting some.

I'm not affiliated with the balance team at all and these are just ways for me to try out my own ideas before suggesting them.

  • Mercies (See here)
  • Aeon T1 bomber buff
  • LAB hitbox size increase Shoulda read github
  • T1 sub rework to do much higher alpha damage
  • Sacrifice rework (See here)
  • Increase cost of Cybran stealth upgrade but add hp/regen

What you want to do to mercies?

You forgot your own chrono thread

Thanks but that one's intentionally omitted. This list is for stuff I'd like to do whereas I'm pretty happy with the way that mod turned out and consider it done.

Neat. Would be fun to see.