Who owns FAF and how is the organisation structured?


FAF basically can be seen from three perspectives:

The community (+ content)
The community is of coursed not owned by anybody. However we have a leadership structure called the "Council of Setons". For a more detailled explanation have a look at this Youtube tutorial.

The content of the community (maps & mods in particular) are owned by the particular creators. The legal entity is only hosting it.

The community live takes place mostly in

  • the IRC chat access by the client (or any other IRC tool)
  • the forum
  • the official Discord server

We also have some dedicated places to meet, e.g.

  • Zulip (invite only, contact a moderator or forum admin to get access)
  • Map & Mods discord
  • AI dev discord
  • Nomads discord
  • and some others

The open source project
The open source project runs on Github. As the name implies it's free software, to be used by everybody.

FAF operates legally as "Forged Alliance Forever LLC" in the USA. This company is owned by Jonathan Taylor aka Visionik.

The legal entity operates the infrastructure for FAF (domains, servers, 3rd party services...) and owns the data on the servers.

However, all work (server admins, developers, supporters) is done by volunteers in their free time.

"Nerds have a really complicated relationship with change: Change is awesome when WE'RE the ones doing it. As soon as change is coming from outside of us it becomes untrustworthy and it threatens what we think of is the familiar."
– Benno Rice


What is "Zulip" about?

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...


It's where the productive discussion and development happens. No trolling/shitposting like on faf discord. That's why I'm not posting there 😄