FAF Association: Preliminary Meeting

Hello everyone,

Due to a variety of administrative and logistic concerns, the Council has determined that FAF's future would be best secured via the creation of a nonprofit voluntary association. This association is intended to bring additional transparency to aspects of FAF such as FAF's financial accounting alongside the division of funds amongst several projects.

This association will also assist in legal concerns regarding FAF ownership. While there is no real need to go into the issues here, just be aware that the actual ownership of FAF itself is a needlessly complicated affair that really needs to have fat trimmed. This association is a way to trim some of the issues FAF currently has administratively while also allowing us a stronger foundation to build FAF's future on by ensuring ownership is held by active volunteers in communication with the day-to-day Council administration.

If participating in this association is any interest of you please come to our preliminary meeting on March 20th at 8pm UTC. It will happen in a private Discord voice channel on the FAF Discord (https://discord.com/invite/hgvj6Af). If you have any interest in participating, message me or a FAF moderator for the role and you'll be able to join on the day of the meeting.

Coming to the meeting does not mean anything on your end, you can come out of pure curiosity or because the idea deeply interests you.

The Statutes of the FAF Association:

Some FAQ (I Imagine):

  1. Why is it in Denmark?

Originally we planned on the UK, but had to move to Denmark because we wanted to keep the association in the EU. Beyond that, there is no real significant difference between any of the EU nations that we looked at. Denmark allows English to be the standard of communication at said association meetings, which works well for international organizations such as FAF.

  1. Does this mean I am The Boss of FAF?

No. Being a Board member gives you no additional privileges regarding moderation, deciding FAF operations, making balance changes, or anything of the sort. The central role of the Board and the association in turn is meant to provide a system of accountability for the financial aspects of FAF. It's essentially another form of administration for FAF separate from the Council, with both needing to work together to accomplish tangible goals.

  1. Are these Statutes ironed out?

No, that is part of the point of the preliminary meeting. We want to make any necessary adjustments to the statutes at the meeting, so feel free to come if you have any concerns regarding them.

  1. Am I going to have to fly out to Denmark to participate in these meetings?

No, the fact you don't is why this whole idea is viable. The meetings are able to be held online, we simply have to meet certain obligations regarding announcing the meetings ahead of time and so on.

Making an extra post to bring attention to the fact that the meeting will be happening through Discord and to contact me or a FAF mod for the role to gain access to the meeting room.