Did anybody ever try to fix the horrible engy bumping?

I don't know if people consider this a feature or not, but I find t1 engies bumping into eachother all the time pretty horrible. When making buildings the bottleneck usually isn't travel or build time, it's the time those bloody engies stand around bumping into eachother while trying to get in position.

I think the fundamental problem has always been that the avoidance steering behaviour on the units has a way too steep curve. It's nothing,nothing,nothing,BAM HUGE BUMPING FORCE. Having a bigger avoidance range with a gentler force slope would make everything an order of magnitude smoother I think. Unless there are of course some other technical aspects I am missing.

What do you think?

actually yes, engy mod. which is and has been part of FAF for a long time now.

doesn't address the bumping per se, but it does reduce it by quite a significant amount by reducing the number or engies.

There is no avoidance steering behavior as far as I am aware.

Tatsu is right - the engy mod was integrated to prevent the requirement of having hundreds of engineers to assist factories. Can you share a replay where this happens?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

If you watch this video, halfway through you can see engines bumping reclaiming trees