Spotting the ACU late game

You know how it is somedays on Dual Gap, you're an hour in and the enemy has 2 dozen RAS Sacus running about. You've got the tools to snipe the enemy ACU but you cannot find him. Is there any difference in the ACU icon that I should look for as compared to the Sacu icon?

With Advanced Strategic Icons mod that I have, the SACU icon is different than the ACU icon. (Same icon but much smaller.) It's a nice feature. It would be nice if they ported that particular feature into the main game, even if they didn't bring over all of the advanced icons.

This is one of the things it should be adressed =\

Just to further this vein of conversation, is there any way to spot an ACU underwater compared to a T3 eng or an Sacu underwater? Or is the blip shape you see always the same?

I actually like that the icons are the same and that the ACU is hard to spot. Makes it more of a challenge. Having to hover the mouse cursor over each one until you find it is a skill in and of itself lol. I think it's a good part of the game as denying scouts is a way your team can have an advantage. Besides the Eye and Novax are there for a reason this being one of them.

I understand FAF better than I can play it

As a general rule, if it's showing a gray icon, that means you don't know what kind of unit it is. You might know whether it's an air unit or a surface unit or under-the-water unit. But you don't get any more info than that. If it flagged the ACU for you, that would defeat the purpose of having gray icons.