AI Development Guide and M27AI v73 Devlog

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Replay ID - Real Game - Base: Blue and Pink Units: T3 and T3 experimentals, most all experimentals from all tears after that
game_20336438.log - Solo Test Game - Time: 20min Base: Blue First Unit to show broken: Goliath Mk II

Hope this helps

@thewatcheral Thanks, the replay desynced for me but the log you posted was a bit different to what I was expecting and looks likely to be something specific to BlackOps (based both on the logs and Jip's comment/other reports). I'll wait for now and if the blackops is updated to fix the separate issues I can look again if there's still an incompatibility with M27AI.

Hey I did some low mex games including a flat 1 mex and the ai seems to really struggle.

@veteranashe Yes to work effectively on 1 mex style maps would essentially require the disabling of most of M27's logic and use of a very prescriptive build order, and might not be that fun either (as I'd probably go for the T2 bomber rush tactic rather than the 'carefully eco into mass fab farms/RAS SACU' approach). I did have it down as a possible future goal but with my focus on M28 now I think it's unlikely that M27 will focus on that (in part as well because until now no-one had ever commented on it).

I'll note it down as a possible thing for M28 to look at though as one of my aims is for it to generally be much more compatible than M27

v72 mini-update

  • Fixed AiX modifiers not applying to M27
  • Team messages warning about units such as enemy T3 arti should no longer trigger from friendly fire
  • Reworked brain setup to align with new FAF approach from June re aibrain classes
  • Fixed bug preventing upgrades beyond a gun upgrade being obtained, and added support for the new Cybran nano and aron extra range upgrades

Thanks to Ice-IX who flagged that AiX modifiers weren't working for M27, and someone else (forgot to note down who) highlighting the T3 arti detected message issue for friendly fire.

I missed your reply, I was just more curious if, you think, there would be some gain by having the ai count the mexes in the map and then use that to change build order and tactics.

v73 update
Mini-update - fixed incompatibility with M28 (that could break M28 if they were both in the same game), and updated some hardcoded values on energy storage to reflect the recent FAF balance changes requiring more energy for overcharge.

Hi, i played a game with M27. He builded some satellites and fired at my T3 arty. The satellites did damage to all schields and not only to the one it hits. it would be nice to take a look.

@laso If the shields overlap then that's a FAF game balance feature - when 1 shield takes damage, any overlaping shield takes a percentage of the damage (around 10% I think)

@veteranashe While it's still far weaker than a human, the latest version of M28 (v32) should do better on 1 mex maps