How do I disable the map generator? It is broken.

Hi I am playing ladder, sometimes it picks map generator. But this is not working. I get broken maps. How do I fix this or disable map generator?

Replay URL:

alt text

There is no way to disable the map generator as they are maps in the map pool. I can look into why this happened but it is still a valid map. And starts with no eco like this are very rare occurrences.

Am I the only one who thinks that's an interesting map? You have to choose between going to the mid four that are closely clustered and try to rule middle OR head to the closer 4 that are spread out and work your way forward. I think it's pretty sweet and encourages interesting tactical plays!

I have been thinking of adding in low start resource maps with 2 or less mexes but haven't been able to find a reasonable way to do it or the frequency.

@intel_wins_games yeah but when you play -1000 rated players they insta CTRL K when the see a map like this. So the result is even more lobby sim.

The map is good. Best they can do is to move it from the lower rating range but its not gonna happen for solid reasons.

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"