Issue with strategic icon size using UI scale (4k, 175 or 200%)


Hi all, I just discovered the AMAZING inbuilt UI scaling. Literally game changing, works well for me except for the resource bar, which was fixed using a mod.
However the other issue is the icon size zoomed out.
As you can see, they are incredibly small, so much so that its impossible to read what they are. Prize to anyone who can guess what that building is.

Is there a mod/ setting to increase the icon size? As it stands, the game is unplayable like this.

Have you tried the mod "Advanced Strategic Icons"? It's not in the mod vault. There are several versions. If you can't find it online, I could send it to you via discord.

It does change how icons look, to give them greater visibility. Some people love it, other people hate it. The version I have of that mod has different sizes for icons.

Here is some info in the wiki about the mod. However, the download link there is broken:

200% original icons
dont get fooled by the name, it's just so the game loads it, since ASI is whitelisted
Place it here C:\ProgramData\FAForever\gamedata
Some icons might be missing

@arma473 I ended up finding a download mirror thanks! This works OK

@he11bent Great. I'm told that FAF was changed to allow people to make a mod that could go into the mod vault to change our icons. But I guess no one has updated this particular mod make it available in the vault. Not sure how it all works or I would try to do it myself.