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hi nerds

Matchmaker maps

Tournament Standard medal

Stickleback Ridge (August 1v1 pool)

5km * 5km
Stickleback Overmap
Stickleback Vanity

Adaptive Alpine Valley

10km * 10km
Alpine Overmap
Alpine Vanity

Finished, uploaded

Frozen Firefight

15km * 15km
Frozen Firefight Overmap
Frozen Firefight Vanity

Thermal Springs (July 2v2 pool)

10km * 10km
Thermal Springs Overmap
Thermal Springs Vanity

Unfinished, uploaded

Mangrove Delta (Aiming for all pools, future 3v3 and 4v4 TMM included)

20km * 20km
Mangrove Overmap
Mangrove Vanity

Desolation (Aiming for 2v2 and 3v3 pool, all testers welcome)

15km * 15km
Desolation Overmap
Desolation Vanity

Unfinished, not uploaded

Other maps

Finished, uploaded

Paradise Survival

20*20km hard 'protect the objective' wave survival

Grand Barrens Survival

20*20km hard 'protect the objective' wave survival

Dreadnought Chasm (Request by Jordy_)

40*40km waterworld

Unfinished, uploaded

Unfinished, not uploaded

Concepts and Pending Requests

-empty for now-

I am currently taking all kinds of feedback, ideas and requests.

Hope you enjoy my maps!


@Swkoll you are lucky I did not know Dreadnought Chasm existed when I was submitting my map for Summer Invitational.


WIP of Frozen Firefight, a 15x15km map, currently 3v3 (thanks Jip for ice textures)

Frozen Firefight


Nice stuff


those maps are so good,need to ask someone and push them somehow


that is art


Thanks to a lot of help and advice, I managed to finish Frozen Firefight a lot quicker than expected. It's 7.9 MiB on the map vault. Please host games on it so I know how it plays, it should be suitable for everything from 2v2 to 4v4.
Frozen with fog of war
Vault screen


What am I working on this month?

  • Decals on Desolation
  • Decals on Mangrove Delta
  • Lighting on Frozen Firefight


Forest Nothing, requested by Archsimkat based off the AoE map of the same name, a 10x10 map with Crazyrush starts and no mexes but 700k mass reclaim worth of tree groups (recently uploaded v2 which fixes a lag issue)

Nothing WIP

Works in Progress

Talon Crater, a 5v5 15x15 map aiming for the 2v2 TMM pool

Talon WIP


Pockmarked Plains, 7.5x7.5, volcanic open map

Pockmarked WIP

Rackham Harbour, 5x5, choke + naval map with Loki-style civilian bases

Rackham WIP

Plastic Isthmus, 7.5x10

Plastic WIP



Adaptive Alpine Valley

10km x 10km with adaptive settings for 1v1 and 2v2, featuring invincible civilians.

(Images taken on v.0001 which does not have the field rock reclaim present on v.0002)