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hi nerds

Matchmaker maps

Tournament Standard medal

Stickleback Ridge (August 1v1 pool)

5km * 5km
Stickleback Overmap
Stickleback Vanity

Adaptive Alpine Valley

10km * 10km
Alpine Overmap
Alpine Vanity

Finished, uploaded

Frozen Firefight

15km * 15km
Frozen Firefight Overmap
Frozen Firefight Vanity

Thermal Springs (July 2v2 pool)

10km * 10km
Thermal Springs Overmap
Thermal Springs Vanity

Unfinished, uploaded

Mangrove Delta (Aiming for all pools, future 3v3 and 4v4 TMM included)

20km * 20km
Mangrove Overmap
Mangrove Vanity

Desolation (Aiming for 2v2 and 3v3 pool, all testers welcome)

15km * 15km
Desolation Overmap
Desolation Vanity

Unfinished, not uploaded

Other maps

Finished, uploaded

Paradise Survival

20*20km hard 'protect the objective' wave survival

Grand Barrens Survival

20*20km hard 'protect the objective' wave survival

Dreadnought Chasm (Request by Jordy_)

40*40km waterworld

Unfinished, uploaded

Unfinished, not uploaded

Concepts and Pending Requests

-empty for now-

I am currently taking all kinds of feedback, ideas and requests.

Hope you enjoy my maps!

@Swkoll you are lucky I did not know Dreadnought Chasm existed when I was submitting my map for Summer Invitational.

WIP of Frozen Firefight, a 15x15km map, currently 3v3 (thanks Jip for ice textures)

Frozen Firefight

Nice stuff

those maps are so good,need to ask someone and push them somehow

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

that is art

Thanks to a lot of help and advice, I managed to finish Frozen Firefight a lot quicker than expected. It's 7.9 MiB on the map vault. Please host games on it so I know how it plays, it should be suitable for everything from 2v2 to 4v4.
Frozen with fog of war
Vault screen

What am I working on this month?

  • Decals on Desolation
  • Decals on Mangrove Delta
  • Lighting on Frozen Firefight


Forest Nothing, requested by Archsimkat based off the AoE map of the same name, a 10x10 map with Crazyrush starts and no mexes but 700k mass reclaim worth of tree groups (recently uploaded v2 which fixes a lag issue)

Nothing WIP

Works in Progress

Talon Crater, a 5v5 15x15 map aiming for the 2v2 TMM pool

Talon WIP


Pockmarked Plains, 7.5x7.5, volcanic open map

Pockmarked WIP

Rackham Harbour, 5x5, choke + naval map with Loki-style civilian bases

Rackham WIP

Plastic Isthmus, 7.5x10

Plastic WIP


Adaptive Alpine Valley

10km x 10km with adaptive settings for 1v1 and 2v2, featuring invincible civilians.

(Images taken on v.0001 which does not have the field rock reclaim present on v.0002)

Lessons learned from Settling Scores

  • Just because a map can be played 1v1, doesn't mean you should put it in the pool of a 1v1 tournament
  • A delayed map may eventually be good, but a bad map debut is bad forever
  • Everyone will dislike a map at first
  • Nobody cares how groundbreaking your map is if the gameplay is atrocious
  • Stop putting mass spots every 5 metres
  • Stickleback should be my new standard going forward
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help from pros
  • Not map related, but $100 for hours of content for hundreds of people is actually a pretty good deal

have you fixed that alpine valley pathing ? 😛

Yes! Arch did a very good job of chasing me up on that.


Auburn Canyon

7.5 km x 7.5 km 1v1, featuring usage of some of the new props, is now on the map vault with 50% finished decals and is eagerly awaiting playtesting.

Auburn Overview

Auburn Vanity

Just thought this looked nice.

pink ones just look like weir candy that have fallen on a weird green table, doesn't feel like bushes or trees.
The orange ones are nice


5km x 5km 1v1, featuring more of the new props. Mostly finished. Uploaded and eagerly awaiting playtesting.

Floralis Overmap

Floralis Vanity

You're doing gods work Captain.

Tamara Pass

10km x 10km 2v2. Going back to basics with this one. Very unlike me to upload a map that actually has finished decals, but there you go, I guess I'm growing. Thanks to Arch and Jip for lots of help on this one.

Tamara Overmap

Tamara Vanity

Wow, Capitan realy wonderfull work...the map pleases the eye

Amazing work dude. Really wish I knew how to do this but I am glad you do. Just incredible.

Let there be light