air cheating or not

Hi all most people no me for the past few mouth my rank as gone down and down I would say I am a ok air player not the best but not the worst .just lately I've noticed something strange when playing other air players i could out number my opponents air on units yet my opponent takes out all my units like there not even there is this some sort of exploit or cheating going on for example today i had 300 units quite a few gunships my opponent take all my units out without even trying .so if its not a cheat or a exploit can somebody tell me what the hell is going on

Gib replay.

Are you not circling your ASF lol


You need to look at your own replays before making such wild accusations.

I'm watching a game of yours, you're 5k mass down (one and a over-half T3 mexes) at minute 10.

You make a Galactic Colossus instead of planes like you're supposed to be doing. So you're of course going to be down planes.

You engage enemy air while down on planes by roughly 20. You move your planes right past his, allowing him to shoot down your bombers for free. And after idling for a couple of seconds, try to run away while he is in the process of shooting your planes down.

You'll find that fighter jets are not capable of shooting backwards.

After this loss, you decide to make AA gunships. AA gunships are not as good as ASF for damage vs other planes and thus you shouldn't be making them unless you actually won the fight.

Also, despite being on two bases, your inability to follow basic eco steps is letting your single base mirror get close to out-ecoing you again. I don't know what happened to that GC but i'm assuming you fed it.

Your second airfight, after idling over five cruisers and two flak guns for a couple seconds, puts you at 50 asf to 216. That's not "out number my opponents air on units". That's a complete and total air loss.

You get smoked, as only someone with a quarter of their units can.

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I'm going to be straight with you. You're not an ok air player. At best, you're attempting to mimic better players without any of the desicion making or understanding of why the better players play the way they do. You have a long way to go before anyone would consider you "ok" at the game. If you want to get better, focus on reviewing your play and handling losses with more tact. Attempt to incorporate better ideas into your play each lobby instead of mindlessly sitting on autopilot for another 6000 games.

And don't accuse people of cheating unless you watch the replay yourself and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Good luck!

That was one beat down I haven't seen in a while...
I always find it hilarious when people accuse others of cheating because they lost. It's like, they can't imagine that they're being outplayed ?? In a competitive, player vs player game ?

Micro is king. I remember Gyle casts where Zock killed 3 T1 tanks with a fucking lab. Is that cheating? No it's regular game mechanic.

Somebody once tried to train me air fights. We both took (cheated) 500 ASF and battled each other, he did good micro, I did bad micro he emerged with 400 ASFs while my ASFs were wiped out. There was not cheating in the air fight involved. We did it multiple times. It was reproducible.
You don't have to like the impact that micro can have (I don't), but it's been there forever and was always a part of the game.

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this reminds me of this game... - when you win everything, but don't know how to do or use t3 air šŸ˜„

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@zlo said in air cheating or not:

this reminds me of this game... - when you win everything, but don't know how to do or use t3 air šŸ˜„

Guessing you are talking about 40 mins in where the air fight takes place and Gyle even says "Seton just delivered a bunch of mass on his doorstep."

Can someone post the replay ID? I kind of want to watch and see what happened now.

Also @bigbadgaz , you definitely need to be careful with the accusations in game. I have gotten a bit irritated and done this myself in the past, but trust me, it does not help, even if you are right in that someone is smurfing/cheating. I learned it is better to ask others politely after the game and get advice first.

From what I can see in biass' post, it looks like you were blatantly expecting your air to do the work for you, and most of the other people in this thread have pointed out the need to learn micro. If you could post more replays we can have a look but definitely need to work on a few things already stated.

Biass's post is so good I wish I could upvote it twice.

But seriously, you will never get even just decent at this game if your response to losing is to call the the enemy a cheater or a smurf. First off, I don't think cheating is even much of a thing in this game outside of specific cheat maps that I think have been cracked down on anyway, and secondly, smurfs, as annoying as they are, are just an opportunity to learn.

I've dealt with more than one smurf in the past (I mean a confirmed smurf, I knew their main account and it's not some random accusation), and each time I'd watch the replay to see how they'd beat me. I do that generally if I don't know how I lost, but I take special interest if it's someone beating me who is consistently better and not just a one off thing. That's how you get better, not by just throwing random excuses and accusations around.