I have a question with the CPU rating I have not the worst processor for this game with an AMD frequency of 2.9 hertz the rating shows 450 tests do not help. I asked for the information of their processors and compared it with my own there were people with a rating of 200 and a frequency of 2.9.

it's not even about the numbers but about how people react to them

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You should include what AMD cpu it is. Cuz if it's old athlon/FX or something then I wouldn't be surprised with such score.

AMD athlon 2 X4 635

what does it mean I was not surprised by the game for 10 years it seems to me that any processor with such a frequency should be suitable

you see, this processor calmly pulls the game on average. I just need to tweak the numbers I hope you can help

Start by getting rid of all the background applications that are not needed to play the game.
Then run the test's again. Cuz yeah, 450 seems to be too high, but honestly don't expect miracle. If anything your cpu will end up around 360-320 score as it's a very old uarch that's just not good enough for this games online mode.

You can enjoy the single player with it though often at slow downed speed, but the multiplayer lobbies unfortunately will suffer massive slowdowns that will make the game unplayable to you and other players as they tend to have more units on the field and faster.

What this game needs is a beefy single core performance which is not something that your CPU can provide.

you don't understand I'm absolutely fine my game doesn't lag at all there are no friezes or a twitchy picture absolutely

No it's you who don't understand. The game will have reasonable frame rate, sure that is true cuz you are not GPU bound.
The problem rises from the simulation speed that will keep on slowing down and down until it's unbearable and one second in game will take you 10 second of real life due to your CPU being too slow

That's the problem, not your frame rate.

@f0ur4 said in RATING CPU BAG:

you don't understand I'm absolutely fine my game doesn't lag at all there are no friezes or a twitchy picture absolutely

The main way that slowdown manifests is with the sim speed dropping. The game does not actually appear to lag or stutter, it just slows down smoothly. At full speed, the game has 10 cycles (ticks) per second. So it takes 1 second of real time to run 1 second of game time. At full speed, the sim speed shows as 0/0.

But if your CPU isn't fast enough, the sim speed will go down. For example, it might show up as 0/-2. At 0/-2 speed, you're not getting 10 ticks per second. It's probably more like 5 ticks per second. So it takes 60 seconds just to have 30 seconds of game time. Tanks and planes look like they are moving more slowly. You have more time to give orders to your units.

There is a way to tell which player(s) are slowing down the sim speed of the game. If you push F11, there is data in the top right corner of the screen which shows who has the slow computer.

Here is an example of sim speed slowdown:

This is a youtube video of a POV during gameplay.

At the top right of the screen, you can see it says +0/-3

That means it is running at "minus 3" sim speed

If you look at the game timer at the top right, you can see it is running more slowly than your wristwatch. It takes about 2 seconds of real time to move forward 1 second in game time. The game still looks mostly smooth.

Earlier in the video if you go back, sim speed is -2 and -1 and 0 (full speed). As the game goes on, the speed drops. That's normal even for people with strong computers.

Also, lag depends on the kinds of games you play. If you play 8v8 on 40x40 maps with lots of AIs, and everybody is making 500 units, the sim speed can slow to a crawl.

If you're playing 4v4 on Seton's, when you get into late game and there are 800 ASFs, that can slow down to a crawl.

If you're playing 1v1s on 10x10 maps, or even 2v2s on a 20x20, you probably won't notice any sim speed slowdown at all.

A separate issue is, some people play on laptops. Even if they have a "good" CPU score, the longer they play the laptop gets hotter and hotter so the CPU slows down. So even if a CPU is "good" enough to get a good score, and there is no slowdown in the first 15 minutes of a match, as time goes on, they get slower and slower.

a frequency of 2.9

Not all 2.9s are equal.

2.9GHz means something like 2.9 billion "cycles per second." The computer does "stuff" every cycle. But different models of CPU do different amounts of "stuff" every cycle. The Pentium IV chip was known for having high frequencies but not doing as much every cycle. Compare that to the modern Intel chips, which do more per cycle.

A modern Intel i7 CPU running at 2.9GHz has a lot more processing power than a Pentium IV running at 2.9GHz. There are also differences between AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs in terms of work accomplished per cycle.

AMD athlon 2 X4 635 is quite a weak CPU for SupCom by todays standards.

Just as an example a comparison to a quite old Intel CPU that plays the game decently still today:
alt text

You will end up with a higher CPU score as that is just a fact for that CPU, changing the score manually is against the rules and a punishable offense.