Option to Disable UEF Drone Autobuild

I had a game recently where I got backpack drones on my UEF ACU. They were useful, but a little later in the game my offensive ACU was almost always in range of enemy AA/interceptors.

The drones would get built and then immediately vaporized creating a constant eco drain for no benefit. It would be nice if you could toggle the autobuild for them like you can for the backpack TML. You could even re-use the same button since they're mutually exclusive upgrades.

You can start a back upgrade and then cancel it to remove the drones

There is a auto build button on the bottom left but idk I never used it

You can turn off auto-build, there is a button for it. When you select the drone that button will be visible.

If your drone dies, I don't know if that means you just lose the ACU upgrades. So if you turn off auto-build, maybe the only way to rebuild the drone is to get the upgrade again.

The upgrade isn't that much more expensive than rebuilding the drone in the first place.

Ah so you do have to select the drone, you can't do it from the ACU. That is better than nothing but still not ideal

can try pausing the acu but then you won't be able to construct anything

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