Remove maps with capturable units or structures from matchmaking pool

The new 1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking system seems very nice, and is a much needed feature. However, a major annoyance with the matchmaking is that you are sometimes thrown on a map where somewhere there are civilian units or structures which can be captured.

I have lost several games due to someone capturing a T2 assault bot or a T2 power gen during the first minutes of the game. These capturable units cannot even be seen without radar or visual, and the player who has not played the map before has no way of knowing that they are on the map!

This also would not be such a problem if the map pool were smaller and it would be common knowledge which maps have the capturable units. However, as the map pool is quite large, players often encounter new maps.

Long story short: maps which have capturable units or structures randomly give an unfair advantage to the player with prior information and should not be allowed in the matchmaking map pool.

i mean all (most) maps favor someone who has played before

As far as I am aware structures (hostile or not) are already part of your intel when the map starts. Units on the other hand are hidden gems.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

post replays

Or just give some map names.