Ideas for Mercy changes

Mercies (in their current state) cannot miss or be dodged. The projectiles track much quicker than an ACU moves

@deribus i can only guess im conflating false memories with the times shields have gotten in the way. some chance to miss would be good. as hard as dodging multiple corsairs/nothas.

AoE good. DoT not.

If someone can make a mod where the mercy doesn't have an activation and just straight flys into the target and blows up I'd appreciate it. I tried turning down the range of the weapon and it really messes with it in the stock form, I think under 9 range.

If just like the range to be 0 or really short and up the HP.

can't we nerf it simply by reducing damage? it's got a really nice feel to it.

It's not really useful as it, nerf the damage it probably won't ever be used

how about the opposite of a mercy, but still a mercy.... way more health, way less damage, lower mass cost, still explodes and dies with current animation.

i love the feel of the animation and damage, i just wonder if it would still be satisfying if the numbers were flipped.

What would be the use case of such a unit over T1 bombers?

How far out can a t1 bomber be relied on to drop a bomb and do damage? Mercy range is 25 irc

I'm not sure flipping health and damage solves the problem of mercy snipes. The current situation feels oppressive, I think, because any counterplay to mercies needs to be preventative, there is no mitigation possible. Other air snipes give you a small time window to dodge and bring AA or inties to help, but you get no such chance at saving yourself with mercies. And since one can use spread-attack to force air units to clump, requiring many more mercies for a snipe doesn't help with what I described and would only amount to a cosmetic change, at least from this point of view, I think.

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