Client v1.4.7 Upcoming Features

This topic is meant to introduce the new features and updates that are being added to the client for version v1.4.7. As the new PRs are merged they will be added here. The pre-release is now available at

Old features in 1.4.5 that didn't have an announcment

Suggestion: Remove ability to kick someone.
Wait for 3:00 autokick

So many times I see disconnects where people come back at 2:00 to 2:15
so I always say to people to wait but there is always someone from opposing team that kick as soon as available
thinking they will win in staked game.

I have no idea why this feature exists.

Set timeout, wait, continue after game resumes or player is kicked.

The best solution would be if voting to kick someone didn't prevent the game from going forward with both of you in it. E.g. if MasterGoa is reconnecting, and I vote to kick him, and then he comes back, we should be able to keep playing together. Right now, if vote to kick him, and he comes back, one of us has to leave before the game can continue.

Maybe the devs can figure out a way to implement that within the constraints of the client.

The feature exists because (1) in the past, before ICE, it was a lot harder to reconnect. So it made sense to be able to get rid of people. and (2) some people leave the game with alt-f4 in order to force everyone else to wait. It's better if we only have to wait 90 seconds instead of 3 minutes if someone does that.

@MasterGoa Just as an FYI this is only talking about changes to the FAF client. The issue you are talking about is in the game itself and so is not affected by any changes in the client.

@sheikah said in Client v1.4.7 Upcoming Features:

oh my god thank you

Remember set unit restrictions on rehosting would be a neat feature as well.

@zokora said in Client v1.4.7 Upcoming Features:

Remember set unit restrictions on rehosting would be a neat feature as well.

This would require a change to the game code afaik as there isn't a way to set unit restrictions before opening the lobby.