Model/Texture Editing Blender .Scm / .Sca

Hey there,

i started modelling units for Supcom in Blender...i Found a script online which allows to import/export .Scm/sca files from Supcom into the program.

i have a few questions about this Process:

1.) how can I model the texture (albedo .dds) so that it fits perfectly on the Unit after making changes in Blender?
(Of course it works in Photoshop, but how is it possible to make it fitting on the model perfectly?)

2.) How do i attach a new weapon on the unit? I think i have to set up Muzzles, Bonez and turrets in Blender and then change the weapon section in the units blueprint there anymore i have to do? Whats your approach?

3.) Are the files mandatory, or can i create a texture inside of blender and delete the Albedo .dds?

I hope my Questions are comprehensible and not too stupid...

Beste wishes from Germany
I found this helped a lot

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Hallo Nils,

ich versuche ebenfalls in Blender Einheiten zu modelieren bzw. zu modden. Welches Blender benutzt du?

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@killerfrog2222 In my experience getting the texture onto the model is the same as any other UV mapping operation. Do you have any experience with this or would you like some explanation on that?

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