TMM 3v3/4v4+ testing - volunteers needed!

Same ill do my best to be there.

+1 ready to help

Just ping the role on discord and I will show up If I'm gonna be home.

Ill try to remember, since I hardly ever use discord

I'll be there, if only to test the replay server some more 😄

I'm a very busy man with my ladder career but I will show up!

The embodiment of depression...

i am eager to help

i can help u =D

It’s awesome to see so many people willing to help! I’ll be sending out a reminder ping tomorrow.

Ill be there

Okay guys, first, thank you all very much for helping! However I got some uuuh, unexpected news for you:
Despite looking like a success, we will have to do the test again. We discovered after the test that I actually forgot to make the server actually use the new matchmaker code. The whole test ran on the old code that is used for the 2v2 queue at the moment. I didn't expect it to be able to handle the bigger queues, but that explains the surprisingly large rating differences that we saw and also that severly unbalanced game that we had in the end.

So we will do another test next sunday (June 27th) at 18:00 UTC again.

@Exselsior @llllIllllIlINoob @Hemfast @RandomWheelchair @StormLantern @MazorNoob @grimplex @kramar @kiteNoob @RowanMorseYT

See above

Today I've been able to take a look into the server log from our testing session. It confirmed that things went well. So the test was a success! Thanks again to everyone that helped me with testing!
There are some minor touch ups to do and we also have to set everything up for the production environment, so don't expect a release next week, but we are getting close to a finish line now. If nothing unexpected happens, we can probably see a release in a few weeks.