Hi i got a message everytime do delete C:\ProgramData\FAForever and dont run it on admin mode.

BUT im not running it as admin....

Is there something that i can do to fix this?

I looked the files and its not on admin mode and deleting the folder do nothing as it just recreate again next login.

Is the account you are running it with an admin account?

Yes its a admin account

Same here. i can't use a not admin account, and have also this nag window

Then yes because it is an admin account you are by default running it in admin mode and that is why you have the window pop up.

Why? never had that problem with any other program, is there something i can do besides creating another user just for FAF.

Its strange that im playing with 3 other guys and im the only one getting this error and i didint have it back a year when i last played.

If you are always admin and will have no permissions issues you can just close the window on startup.

@sheikah said in FAF CLIENT ALWAYS AS ADMIN:

you can just close the window on startup

But thats not what we want...

We want at least a checkbox where we can disable this window.

What is difference between running as admin and having admin rights?
99% of users use accounts with admin rights, it just FAF does not need them and does not ask for them.
But you can still "run as admin" and that will trigger UAC dialog window apper...

My suspection is that there is something different with windows install or settings, for example UAC is off or something... not really sure at all...
or opposite... if when you run FAF if UAC appears you need to say "no" or turn it off or adjust file settings so it does not run with admin rights

(you can force application to run without admin rights even if it wants to, but afaik it needs registy editing, it is not hard i can provide instructions if you need)

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The problem here was the fact that many users had access permission errors inside the FAForever folder.
Mostly because they tried to start the FAF client as Admin to solve other problems they had.
But running as admin will write pref and config files with admin rights.
If you now run the client as normal windows user you no longer can change these files and you will get
[13]permission errors in java.

To prevent users from starting the client as admin when they are normal user is the reason for this nag windows.
But when your system only has a single user with admin rights then this message makes no sense.
i can't run the client as normal user and will never get those permission errors...

So for us, this window is just annoying and has no meaning with our window configuration.

The client should look into the windows accounts and only display this message in case there are
admin and user accounts present.
And it should not display it on windows with just 1 user.

There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings here.

Running the client as admin user does NOT trigger the client warning, or it should not if the client works correctly. The client warning shoud ONLY appear if you run the application "as admin" (UAC). Those are two entirely separate things:

  • You can be a non-admin user (no warning)
  • You can be admin user (no warning)
  • You can be non-admin user but "Run as admin" (UAC execution, warning)
  • You can be admin user and "Run as admin" (UAC execution, warning)

If you are simply a admin user, you should get no warning, unless you

  • Enabled "Run as Admin" in the shortuct/executable properties
  • Disabled UAC entirely

Please check if you did one of the things ebove. Your user account type should not play any role here.

@katharsas said in FAF CLIENT ALWAYS AS ADMIN:

  • Disabled UAC entirely

Yes that's it!

  • When i have UAC disabled, then the FAF client should respect that and don't check any user account settings.

I Disabled UAC years ago XD

That window is quite annoying and should be purged. Give us an option to do it, please.

Imo being annoying is an important function of that window. If you are doing unsafe things like running apps as admin that have no business being run as admin, then you should be annoyed about it until you wisen up and set up your computer properly. I mean I’m no windows expert for sure, but in general it is much more secure to be running as an unprivileged user and only elevate your privileges in the situations where you actually need admin. Running as the super user all the time is just asking for trouble.

@azmodeu said in FAF CLIENT ALWAYS AS ADMIN:

I Disabled UAC years ago XD

This is a fairly important security feature of Windows and you should not be using your operating system in this way unless you know very well what you're doing.

I built that window. I would have built an check box sure, BUT I do the check and the warning before ever starting the acctual client programm. Because I wanna avoid doing any operations as an admin. So I can not call any other functionally than I code explitically for that functionallity... and as @Askaholic said just change your system to not run programms with privilidges... it is BAD


Well @Azmodeu we are writting a dummy value in the registry 😉 so however your system is configured u are doing something wrong. Because this window only pops up if we are able to write/read from the registry



Should this function falsebly return that you are an admin I am more than welcome to change it


Seems like cals what we are using is deprecated