Calibration tournament #2

Calibration tournament #2.
26.06.2021 18:00 (Moscow time).

Tournament directors: SiwaonaDaphnewen (Apofenas), Inspektor_Kot
Challonge will be announced by the start of the tournament. IRC channel won’t be used, instead we’re going to use tournament channels in Russian discord (

Last month we ran test tournament for low-rated players for Russian community. This time we got some funding and doing same for all FAF players.
Tournament will take place in Rus discord, but not exclusive for Russian only.
This tournament will have swiss-style or round-robin format depending on how many players we get. This is based on suggestions from last tournament so participants could accumulate replay base and ask personal trainers for analysis. (you will likely have to play 5-6 games during tournament regardless of results)
Game rules are not standard, so take a look at details below. In short, time for game is limited, you get 20 minutes to kill opponent and if none of players succeeds – map starts shrinking every 5 minutes until 25% of map is left (min 40). Maps will be generated so there’s land in center of map. - this way we limit round length. Previously participants didn't even live long enough to see first shrink

Player requirements:

  • Ladder rating is higher than 700, but lower than 1200; Global rating is lower than 1300;
  • Account was registered before 01.06.2021;
  • At least 50 games played total;
  • At least 10 ladder/matchmaker games played after tournament was announced.

Tournament rules:

  • Tournament will happen if there’s at least 6 players registered;
  • Round robin system if we have 8 players or less, Swiss style if we have more;
  • Only 2 prizes are allowed if we have less than 8 players;
  • Sign up period will be closed 1 hour before tournament starts;
  • All participants need to be in discord channel 15 minutes before tournament starts;
  • Participants would have to get in voice channel and stream their screen to confirm their identity;
  • Draws are replayed on same map;
  • Desynchs and disconnects before minute 3 count as draw;
  • Desynchs and disconnects after min 3 count aren’t replayed, winner is decided based on FAF vault results;
  • VPN is restricted;
  • All players may be checked for rating manipulations, smurfing or giving their account to other players;
  • Situations that weren’t listed in rules will be decided by tournament directors.

Game rules:

  • Tournament directors and streamers are allowed as observers, other observers are restricted;
  • Maps will be generated and listed in challenge when tournament starts;
  • Game mode: Claustrophobia;
  • Claustrophobia preset: Custom;
  • Claustrophobia Custom Preptime: 15 min;
  • Claustrophobia Custom Interval: 5 min;
  • Claustrophobia Custom Shrink Count: 5;
  • Claustrophobia Custom End Size: Not small;
  • All other settings are default.

1 place: Tournament winner+50$;
2 place: Faction face+25$;
3 place: Faction logo.
Winner pays the commission for money transfer.

Sign up:
We use discord platform to run tournament. This means in order to sign up you need to send a private message to tournament director and state your FAF nickname and FAF ratings (Apofenas#2305 Inspektor_Kot#7713).

Tournament sponsors:

Love, looks like a good way to do a low level tournament!

The tournament is finished.

1 place: yshysh_killer
2 place: Brotaku
3 place: ZeroBrains

Thanks for participating!

Got to add that some players decided to avoid tournament thinking they "already lost from start". Yet we used the system that allowed us to split players by their rating and create competitive matchups throughout the tournament (ladder system tends to give much more unfair matchups...). As a result guys with highest couldnt manage to leave group stage of tournament and guy with lowest rating was compiting for 3 place in final stage.