Sometimes nuclear bombs can't be prevented.

Sometimes nuclear bombs can't be prevented. Is there any solution? Sometimes, even though the number of antimissiles is enough, one or two will be missed.

blowup the nuclear missile launcher before it fires

I'm not sure how many nukes it takes to overwhelm the interceptor script but I think it's over 30. This is a rare problem, the antinukes are generally very reliable.

In fact, it is very difficult to find and destroy all your opponent's nuclear missile launcher in a short time. What I want to show is that there is something wrong with the anti nuclear AI design of the game: although anti nuclear is a probability event, it is possible to send more if one fails ; but in the game, as long as an antimissile of yours is sent out, the other antimissiles will not make any action even if the last antimissile failed to anti the nuke missile over the base.It seems that all the antimissiles of yours absolutely believe in the 100% interception rate. Recently, my antimissiles couldn't intercept the nuke missile frequently even if after several big circles in the air, then my base and commander always were bombed in the end. Looking at the remaining antimissiles, it was obviously that there were dozens of them, which made me feel incredible.

replay? screenshot? video? what EXACTLY has happened? How many nukes at once? Nukes from nuke launchers? from submarines? from battleships? any mods used? maybe nuke was at the edge of antinuke range but barely outside?

My suspicion is that sometimes antinukes may think that other antinuke is goin to take care of that missile, or antinuke missile may hit something on itsway up or sometimes, but quite rarely antinuke missile misses nuke missile

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@humanpotatoe @FunkOff @ZLO Thanks.
I analyzed the reasons, which may be caused by the recent use of this mod:

Preservation Project Demo by PreservadorX3

I personally think this mod is very interestingļ¼Œbut because it is a trial version, some scripts may conflict with the mod of this forum. It's much better after the suspension.

Thank you again!