Default ACU diversity rework

Back in the early days of Supreme Commander, the only differences among the unupgraded ACU were damage and health. UEF ACU had the high hp but lowest gun damage at 12000 hp and 100 damage. Cybran reversed this with 120 damage but only 10,000 hp. Aeon was in the middle with 110 and 11,000.

I propose ACU balance be reverted to this. Mainly because the Cybran acu regen is a little OP and tbe Aeon acu (before upgrades) is a bit UP. My idea would therefore set Uef/Sera/Aeon/Cybran hp/damage to 12k/100, 11.5k/105, 11k/110, and 10k/120, all with 10 regen. (But if you wanted even more balance, set regen to 12/11.5/11/10 to make time to regen from 0 to 100 percent hp be a uniform 1k seconds for all ACUs.)

Replay not attached because this is a small thing. nbd

Don't think this is a good idea, the damage difference will cause weird interaction with units cause a lot of them are balanced around the fac that they take x amount of shots of ACU that deal 100 hp. IMO cybran regen isn't OP, it takes a long time to repay the 2k difference to UEF base hp. Also the power budget of cybran acu is well balanced, it's decent at t1 stage but much weaker at t2 stage.

it was cool in original supcom... it kinda artificially makes game little bit deeper cause you need to know all those small changes.
but FA is already pretty complex... also changes like that would require a quite some work to find out how much it actually changes things and re-calculate how many kills it takes to kill every t1, t2 unit... what would new lobo HP be? 120 damage would also mean that ACU of only one faction can 3-shot uef/sera t1 maa... what about aeon lab? i do like all those little quirks, but not conviced that they are needed and that others like them...

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We could change the fire rate instead of damage.

Necroing this to say that I'm shocked that in vanilla Supcom Cybran did 120 damage per shot. The ladder junkie Cybran only side of my brain is salivating, but 100 dps on a stock ACU is super integral to the T1 land balance of the game. It's a nice round number that makes calculations easy and provides a decent but not overwhelming offensive armament.

I would be very interested in some other minor tweak aside from HP between ACUs. But all I can think of is speed and we probably shouldn't touch that. Maybe Cybran ACU can have a faster turret (upper body) rotation? While UEF has the slowest?

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u