Problems with build queue from factories.

In short, sometimes when I go to update a unit queue in a factory, I lose the buildorder of whatever I happened to be building. Examples include trying to add engis in a build order on top of the engi that is currently being built, then having the engi under construction removed from queue at 75%, building 2 strat bombers in queue from air HQ, cancel one of the strats, just go have the 95% strat bomber cancelled as well. I also sometimes have naval factories stuck trying to build air units, land factories trying to build navy, ect ect.

I can also get fairly decent UI lag, but not consistently of often, not sure if there is a relation.

I had this recently too and just assumed it was an issue with my buggy laptop having a sticky key on or something. I locked and unlocked my computer with the windows+L key real quick and I didn't have the issue again. Will try and post a recording of it if I see it happen again.

I occasionally have an issue with upgraded t2/t3 support air factories in particular repeatedly stuck trying to upgrade to a t2/t3 support factory. The air factory in question will have 8 support factories in queue (sometimes the same tier it's currently on, like a t2 support factory with 8 t2 support factories in queue, sometimes the next tier), which can't be removed from the queue. I also cannot drag the actual things I want to build in front of the queue - it just starts spazzing out and the items in queue rapidly change order with construction started and stopped repeatedly. I think this issue happens when I have support factories with assist orders on other factories, but I'm not sure. It's really weird and has only happened like 4 times, and now that I think about it I really should have checked and saved the replays afterwards, but they happened during ladder/tmm where I had to immediately queue up afterwards.

Mostly I am interested if anyone knows why my factory build queues keep dropping orders for no reason. Its getting to be 1/10 games or so I notice it happen, and its an issue from a competitive standpoint.

This is from a few days ago, when I happened to be streaming.

Since you're streaming you could also get one of those visualizers that shows your mouse/keyboard inputs to see if the issue is coming from there - I had an issue with a very old mouse that probably had a degraded contact where if I didn't press down my left click/right click hard enough it would just repeatedly issue clicks, so I had some issues with stuff randomly cancelling from there. Getting a new mouse fixed the issue for me.

I streamed a ton more bug reoccurrences, and can 100% confirm I am not hitting any other keys, but if needed I will try and download some other program to log key inputs. I will post some clips below once I get them sorted, but as far as I know the issue is as follows:

In a factory UI menu, you can build units from the top row. Once you select units to build, they drop down into the lower build queue. Issuing addition build orders on a unit through the lower build queue is what causes the problem. I can not replicate it on the upper row. I believe it happens when:

you click build orders too quickly
and/or click build orders while having lateral mouse movement.
and or select/unselect factory

Those things trigger it the most, but sometimes it happens 'naturally' and it fuckes up the UI, and strange things happen, such as:

Soft stop cancelling all units
Build orders merging between factories
random units being inserted/deleted into queue
Entire queue cancelling.

Full stream -

After some more troubleshooting, it was suggested by Thomas that the problem could have something to do with draggable build queue. Excelsior did notice a pattern before as well that if you click really fast while moving mouse sideways, it was the best way to reproduce the bug.

Disabling draggable build queue fixed the issue (I think). I was not able to reproduce the bug any more, or build incorrect units from factories (air on land, land in navy, ect ect). I will leave it off, and see if the issue occurs again.

I also noticed less UI lag when hitting the repeat build hotkey, but that might be coincidence.

Fix now or ban

I have noticed this happen with moving the build queue around, and accidentally cancelled a few factory upgrades a similar way.

I expect that as you were clicking, it was registering a barely perceptible "drag" order to try to move the currently building unit to a later spot in the queue (due to the lateral mouse movement and draggable build queue enabled), therefore "cancelling" it to immediately build the next unit queued...even though there was nothing but engies queued...
But for the other three clips that is extremely buggy and annoying.

I see, that does make sense, if you drag what the factory is currently building it will cancel the current build queue. It would make sense if factory queues aren't cancelled until you successfully drag the currently building item in the queue away, not just if you pick up the item and put it back.

I also fairly frequently observe the problem tex described, but most commonly my lost build order is an upgrading factory. Also I should add it seems double clicking units (to select all of that unit type on screen) causes ui lag when it didnt used to

Probably best bet of it getting solved is to make an issue on github about it

Does it happen with no ui mods?