TMM Weekend

TMM shows great promise, just needs everyone to dive in and join. We need the numbers for the system to flourish. I was thinking one weekend we could have a TMM weekend where other game modes (custom, coop) are disabled. It's probably too early for that now but is there a point where that would make sense? Maybe when 4v4 queue passes load testing.


I was thinking one weekend we could have a TMM weekend where other game modes (custom, coop) are disabled.

I want to believe you are joking man

In an earlier post on another topic today you said:

I think options and settings are a must, not some 30 second hardcoded thing. People will (quite rightly) object massively unless they can control it.

I understand it is not a one-on-one comparison. Nevertheless, this proposal does sound contradicting with that earlier statement 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Bit late for an April fools joke

Why would it ever make sense? What’s the goal here?

Weekends are peak time for FAF and when you attract the most casual players. Having 80% of the client be broken and when people ask about it, get informed it’s intentionally broken is not exactly a sign of robust management.

nine2 said in TMM Weekend:

is there a point where that would make sense?

No, I believe there never will be.

Blocking people from playing certain game modes tells people:
-that you don't respect the choices they make
-that you don't respect them as a player, because you think the reason they make "bad" choices because they're bad at the game
-that you don't respect their freedom to choose
-you don't respect their time
-you don't want them around unless they are willing to be like you

Ok fair enough, that is a very loud 'no' from everyone, got it. Anyone got a 'yes'?

me! xD why is it that every time someone has an idea around here, people shoot it down so hard?

Why not just try it?

@nine2 I think encouragement should work better.

Do a deal with casters that of all games played in the TMM weekend x will be cast, lets say 4. Simply make it a lottery, more games played in TMM, better chance of winning. Winner(s) must pick one of their own TMM games played that weekend to be cast.

Why not try it? Well, because it would piss people off.

Another question is would it be worth it? TMM has been touted to fix everything in FAF which sounds great. However there is a risk that it will fall to the wayside and not get used. If we announced a TMM weekend with 2 months notice and explained how TMM will fix everything in FAF (lobby sim, greys can get games, toxicity, etc) then why not give TMM the boost it needs to be wildly successful?

And if a weekend is controversial. What about a TMM hour? We can find the hour with the lowest amount of active players.

What makes you think TMM is failing now?

Between all the common game modes (1v1-6v6), 2v2 was the least played prior to tmm.

1v1 was 3rd only behind 6v6 and 4v4, as those both contain maps that are constantly played at all times on FAF.

Reviewing current 2v2 queue stats across the months since tmm was released, 2v2 is now basically as popular as ladder itself. In a few month when there’s a solid enough data points to get a new review of game type popularity, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2v2 near or just below 1v1 in popularity, meaning a near 150-200% improvement in game quantity.

you're trying to shove players where they don't want to go.

Let's be honest, control over the taste of players maps/modes has long been lost and will never be restored. You can't change it, not now, not after. Even with your idea. What you are proposing now is a drastic measure that will only show your attitude. You won't lose players, but it will be remembered

@FtXCommando said in TMM Weekend:

What makes you think TMM is failing now?

Nothing, I didn't mean that. I was more suggesting, let's get on with the show.

Well I think it’s going decently as it is, I never really expected everybody to leave dual gap and astro games. All RTS games have a strong turtle component, problem is more that FAF has an absurd ratio.

Even sc2 which is about as extremely focused on 1v1 as can be had huge popularity in their coop scene, mods, and even teamgames were still decently popular. Their ratio is more of 1v1 consisting of 40-50% of their active playerbase (I think) while ours is 10%.

You surely can change player map preferences as it’s a matter of culturally acclimating people to a type of game environment. Turtle maps with little to do are just the lowest barrier to entry and are often casted on FAF, so it not only has the enticing aspect for new players but people also play it because many casters push them into these games.

Overall, the goal is better reached through something closer to what Valki said and it’s why I sometimes spend a few hours going through tmm replays to send to jagged/willow duality/duelist.

Yeah ok, cool. I wonder what else we can do to light a fire under it.

I know that this is not feasible. But disable the selection of players for queue by rating (like 500 +- 1800) without approximating for <1000 ratings, and set the search by the current rating using the entire formula.
For example: [Player 500 +-300 1800]. From this, use 500 for the selection of players