Achievements don't work?

I played a 1v1 ladder match the other day and won in * brag mode on * 9:42 mins * brag mode off * (actually my oppo made a mistake, so no skill involved).

Still I didn't receive the "Rusher" achievement, which is granted when a 1v1 match is won in under 10 minutes.

As a true and dedicated achievement whore this pains me a lot. 😖 ☺

Any ideas?

Achievements are currently broken and unfortunately for now no dev has the time to investigate it.

Basically the way we report achievements is fucked and it needs to be rewritten. Achievements are almost always broken.

The weird thing is that I didn’t even see any errors in the server logs, it appears as though they are being reported to the API just fine, but obviously something is still broken.

I have done some testing on achiefvements

The only two that I have found that aren't working at the moment are:

o) finishing a ranked game in under ten minutes

o) Building Czars.

Curiously, building Czars counts for the experimentals acheivement, just not that specific acheivement

I did also throughly test about 25 other categories, and they were all working perfectly. I couldn't test the rest because by the time I noticed it needed testing, my account had already many acheivements completed.

That is very good to know because that means its a problem in the stat parsing itself and not the achievement reporting.

Just skimming over it I can't actually find any references to checking for ranked games, for game time, or for the number 10 anywhere, so that one might not be implemented?

As for the CZAR, the code is there, so I'm guessing the blueprint string is probably wrong:
I think the e in ueb2401 means it's referencing a UEF unit, so I think that's definitely the case.

Edit: Yea, so I guess czars are counting as mavors:,UEB2401

I am glad my testing has ben useful. 🙂

With regards to the ten minute ranked thing... Can you differentiate between a game that was played and one where someone just ctrl-k?

I have made a PR to change the Czar to the correct Bp and Added the Salvation under the experimentals Section

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@nemir said in Achievements don't work?:

With regards to the ten minute ranked thing... Can you differentiate between a game that was played and one where someone just ctrl-k?

There could probably be some additional restrictions, like make it have a minimum time as well, or check if the ACU was actually killed. I think there are probably some situations where it would be very hard to tell if it was legit or not though.

Is there any update on this? I started playing this year and my achievements and stats tracking is not showing after 150+ overall games.

General tab:
Rating graphs work
1v1 confirmed working
global confirmed working

Global total games is working
Global rating is working

1v1 bronze badge is showing! 🙂
1v1 games is showing

Statistics tab
Only the games played graph is showing data.

Achievements not working

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Achievements are still broken with no eta on when they will be fixed unfortunately

Achievements are hidden in a separate window and are not so noticeable. The problem is big and not a priority. If there is something from the main functionality concerning the main task of the client, then it is better not to be distracted by these cosmetic trifles!
Maybe then it's better to turn them off. The functionality that does not work is like a red rag for a bull - extra nervousness and an incentive to senseless action. At least this way the problem will be solved in terms of complaints.

Personally, this problem with achievements annoys me much less than those drops in the global games statistics graph during the 2vs2 matchmaker tests.

That's where it would definitely be worth doing something...

delete the data for a couple of weeks while the test lasted and everything was not corrected
, or somehow try to transfer the data to the desired schedule...