Map Generator tournament 2.0

Now the map generator has an option to set the map size and player count, would that not be a reason to try it in a tournament again? Now you can also make 2v2 1v1 or whatever you like. I would be interested. Also reclaim and a lot of other stuff was improved.


cool! who is organizing the tourney?

It is just a suggestion. I hoped somebody would do so


I would participate.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

Currently working on a format

Map Gen Tournament or say Gen Map Tournament sounds reasonable at a time.

I'm not a fan of the current format of tournaments but I'm sure there is some room to work with somewhere, but that is say another point.

But I would like to suggest just for the tournament for Map Generator that Map Thumbnails for optional to some point.


map gen tournament sounds nice, no BOs just raw skill would interesting to see.

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You need to use a better translator, MvK_-, most of your posts are hardly understandable.

This post is deleted!

Write coherent messages; I am done with the markov chain posting.

@FtXCommando What doesn't make sense or you have a hard time reading for what you receive of the post??


If you can't comprehend this post, let me know and ill try to rephrase. You aren't that hard to understand.

"What doesn't make sense? Are you having a hard time reading my post?"

Your mistakes are tolerable when you stick to one line.

Sentences like "Which is fine but the coverage of specific in the general stills just in general" will cause me to keep deleting your posts.

@FtXCommando yea but the "stills" should just be "still is" for what is within quoted of at least, only thing I would change which I thought was but sometimes think auto correct kick in on submit with this device for say prior highlights for some reason.
I might of had is as i s with a space between i and s and it switched it.
If I don't watch out for it I know it happens but I kinda don't see how a typo to point out, adds to what you are saying.
I'd imagine you are just going for example and being general, without saying as just the specific reason, but I'll take it I read your post and say not comment on it if that makes any sense.

I don't mind solving other people's typos and not as appropriate grammar to consider what they've said even if not always correct one way or another still, either way, went to school at a time just to do that for learning say the English(American/US) language and its' literature. But that is me.

If there was something else other than the typo, let me know.


Also, I have no clue what Markov or such refers too or have(I think).
And a further side note, I'm not a big fan of Google to say, is o.k. but still
I proof-read 98% of this at least, but still a guess

This post is fine; I get the point of your post. Just please proofread your posts to this extent in the future.

Try if it supports your language. It produces much better sentences.

@BlackYps I know this is kinda been and getting off topic, but im kinda old school and rely on say artificial help least as possible in terms of reading and writing.
May not serve me better but I'm not trying to win votes at time , so feeling better is what I don't mind to do.

But to try to get back on topic and subject of some more, I still agree on a tourney or series or etc for Map Gen.
Even though I think in an overall sense to a good majority; Map Gen has been updated, yes, there still might be something to update or add further to really make the most of some sort of regular challenge event of it than it is(was). Mainly from my part is still the thumbnail highlight to least see what kind of maps there's been/are to maybe add. Overall shouldn't be worth much of an actual gameplay change but an element I think is just accustomed to being there, that if did change anything, is there otherwise to do it in regards to Play Tab functions.

Outside that of thumbnails I believe I'm updated with Map Gen to a knowledge base basis and things like changing amount of players per map and map sizes and etc can be changed but an actual practice of them myself , 3v3 10km yes, anything else, no.
As such, how tourneys can be done from Map Gen could be a question in which to ask often. A feature based on regular play that adds up to a tourney event might be nice, but just hosting tourneys as they is is most likely more reasonable.