CPU Ratings look suspicious?


I've been playing happily for years on an i7 4790K and a 980ti gpu.

My CPU rating is 145

This week I upgraded my PC to Ryzen 5800X and a 3070 GPU.

My CPU rating is still 145

Surely not?


Did you recalculate your CPU score by pushing the "Run CPU Benchmark Test" button in a game lobby?


Welcome to issue that nobody cares about. The CPU benchmark heavily skews towards Intel arch even though Ryzen in reality is way faster than what the CPU score would suggest. Still considering how your cpu score is still lower than 200 you have nothing to worry about as no one will be stupid enough to kick you from any lobby for your CPU score.

Also what Amygdala asked, did you recalculate it?


Ah, 102 now 🙂

Thankyou both.

And now i've updated it I dont even care anymore 🙂


just for you to know,i got a ryzen3500u with 2.1hz with 249 CPU score and it still laggs bad on in mid game,10x10 maps with 4 or more people,i might be a retard and didn't set up a correct setting for my laptop but i am somewhat depressed:P


There's something wrong there I think, my i7-4790k was much faster than that.

Do you have nVidia GPU? I read there's a UI mod titled "Nvidia fix" in the Vault for seriously bad lag.


i do,but not sure it's helping tho


Try the d3dWindowsCursor command in console. That changes the NVIDIA settting so it's not an issue.

I have to buy a server for a customer and was looking at the CPUs. Your CPU has a poor per/thread score. The AMD Ryzen 5 3500U has a per thread score of 1,995. There are a lot of much older processors than yours that beat it. You CPU isnt bad, infact its good, just not with this game.

For reference, the laptop I'm running this on is a "Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20GHz" with a per core score of 2,352". Look in the CPU list below and sort by Per Thread.

There are a lot of really old CPUs that have great individual cores, just dont have that many cores.