Templates: what's recommended?

I've got PD+walls, Pgen factory surround and mass storage surround for mexes.

What templates do you swear by, and which ones are really bad idea?

@Wainan said in Templates: what's recommended?:

I've got PD+walls

You're good to go for just about everything except dual gap

I have fab ring (around mexes) as a legacy template. You don’t really need anything else besides the classic pd one.

You don't need the mass storages for mexes, just double click with an engi on a T2 mex or higher and FAF will auto-deploy a mass storage template. Way faster, nice mod the dev team included in base game. 🙂

One template I use regularly: 2 T2 Pgens with a T2 shield in the middle - sorts out your basic T2 power needs when you build many mobile shields, etc and protects against suprise air visits.

I wouldn't say it's objectively better. I tried the in-built function for a while but went back to the storage template because it always worked how I want it to. Sometimes the automatic one doesn't work when you do it too fast (not too sure if that's why) and sometimes you just want to add an engineer to support the upgrade and it places storages even though you didn't want to. Stuff like that.

I also have a template for mass fabs around the storages, and some that I basically never use, one for surrounded T2 arty and one eco template with T3 mass fabs and pgens.
Apart from T1 pd with walls, storages and the mass fab template I don't think others are useful in like 99% of cases.

You obviously need a template full of walls to draw a giant logo/signature when your opponent is crushed 8]