2021 Spring Invitational Qualifier

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Im here to crush all

Nvm I can't play sry

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1711 Global
1824 Ladder

The map pool is now up.

Additionally, the number of signups so far and the likely number of sign ups in the future means that the format is going to be a 32 player bracket consisting of the 32 highest rated ladder players.

ThomasHiatt 2310

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Ladder 1688

I dont think I'll be able to make this anymore, so I'll have to drop out

Not going to play

I gotta dip ✌

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Chad signing up - 1331 ladder

The embodiment of depression...

Unfortnately I won't be able to make it. Sign me out pls.

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I wont make it in time for the tourney 😞. signing out

The embodiment of depression...

Sign ups are now closed.

Thanks to a generous donation from morax the prizepool is now $500!