Game crashes frequently, and every single time upon exiting

On this PC I have never been able to have the game run well. It frequently crashes, sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes into a game, and if the game didn't crash, when I exit it still crashes as I try to exit through the game menu. Sometimes it is an unhandled exception error, sometimes another error.
Here is the most recent game log. game_13838683.log

@PheatherNoob PC/Laptop specs? Try to disable all mods and test it again

Theres XACT errors in your game log. That means you probably have audio set to surround sound. You need to set it to stereo, have spatial sound off. Mine is set at 24 bit 48K Hz. Most common problem with SupCom

Reckless I did have spatial sound off, and I did not have surround sound on. I did have it set at 32 bit 48k hz, so I tried changing that to 24 bit but still had a crash after 15 minutes of game time. Interestingly the game sounds work fine, but also the game music doesn't seem to play. But I'm not sure what else to change then.

Eternal, I briefly did one test with all mods disabled except the nvidia fix, and then one without it (which would be unplayable). Still had an unhandled exception crash at 15 min with zero mods.

The specs for this pc are: CPU 8700k, GPU 1070 ti, 32 gb ram at 2400mhz, 240gb ssd for OS and 4tb hdd, on windows 10.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Atleast it is not my mod xD

@PheatherNoob I wish I had some logs saved from when I had a very similar issue awhile back, but long story short it turned out to be something weird with my ssd causing issues with faf that I resolved by moving it to a slower drive. Do you have faf installed on the ssd or hdd? If it's on the ssd try reinstalling it on your hdd.

Edit: The issue I had also looked like audio issues at first. Unfortunately I don't remember more as it was a year ago or so when this happened to me.

If you are throwing XACT errors in your log - then you have a sound issue related to Surround Sound - and you will crash randomly in the game, and reliably when you exit it. Simple as that.

Be aware, despite having set your sound hardware to physical stereo - Microsoft recently introduced it's own 'virtual surround' sound, which, as is typical for Microsoft, they quietly enabled it for you. You need to find that - and turn that off as well.

As long as you keep showing XACT errors thru your entire log - this problem will most certainly persist.

Some motherboard manufacturers may also have audio chipset control software that enables advanced chipset features even with sound set to stereo in windows. If you have anything like that installed you need to check it's settings or uninstall it.

Thanks again for the suggestions everyone!

Under computer management I went to the sound, video and game controllers, which had an NVIDIA High Definition Audio and NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM), and disabled both, and left the "High Definition Audio Device" (my computer speakers) enabled. I also went to Sound->Playback->Speakers->Properties->Enhancements, then disabled all enhancements.
So then the game music was working again on my next try, but it still had an xact error, and crashed with an unhandled exception when I tried to exit the game. The only mod enabled was the nvidia fix.

And Excelsior, both the forged alliance steam game, and FAF are installed on my hdd.

Reckless I will see if I can find that next.

Here is the last log after I made the changes noted above: game_13843562.log

@PheatherNoob Hmm, are there any custom OEM programs running that might be overwriting windows sounds settings? I've had laptops in the past that ran custom audio programs which might cause an issue.

I pulled this from a Steam thread about this issue, but might be worth a shot:

Edit: Also I've seen issues with USB headsets and bluetooth headsets doing weird things with faf audio. 3.5mm headset don't seem to have those same issues, not sure what you're using for speakers.

@Exselsior Thanks, I will try deleting those music files and see if it helps. I am just using some logitech speakers through the 3.5mm jack, no headset.

Just an update that after deleting the music files the game seems to be running fine without any crashes. It still crashes/stops responding when I exit, so I just have to force close it, but that's not a big deal as long as I can still play. I still have to check if there is a motherboard audio chipset issue that I can fix, so maybe that will fix it completely.

Thank you all very much for the help!

Deleting the music files worked for me for the same issue. I still have to kill the process when exiting but the game runs fine at least.