Rename/Reupload Maps to the Vault (FAF Map editor)


I made a Map with FAF Map editor and uploaded it to the Vault.

Know i recognized a few things i want to there any Possibility to reuopload/rename my map?
It always says that my Map is already existing when i try to upload my new there anything i can do about?

And how can there be so many different versions of famous maps? How do the people rename it?

Moreover i find it strange that im not able to delete any uploaded Map, i just can Hide them...And if a Map is set to "hidden" i think there is no chance to get it back? Didnt find any setting for that...

Greetings Nils

You cannot remove maps for backwards compatibility - if you'd start a replay with a map but suddenly the map is missing and you don't have the map in question locally on your machine then the replay is broken!

From the top of my head: you can rename it via the Ozone editor by going to File -> Save as... and then choosing a folder with a different name.

If you want to update a map make sure to nudge the version number inside the Ozone editor by going to File -> Save as new version. This will make a new version of your map (along with the folder and other corrections) next to the original folder.

Also with regard to different versions of commonly played maps - that is technically against the vault rules 🙂 . Since biass took place as creative councilor about half a year back it is no longer allowed to make new versions of existing maps without explicit permission from the original author. The versions you see are from pre-biass time. For more information about the rules:

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@Jip Hey Jip, thank you for your answer!
Now I understand a bit more why there is no way to delete a map and so on...

But my Problem is, that i cant update my own version in map vault, because even if i go "save as new version" FA recognizes that this map is already uploaded...
I can clearly see the second/new Version in map folder, but FA doesnt want it 😞

I know that the Vault is not for map testing purposes, but i spotted a few little things i would like to change...^^

The Link is great, thanks for that!
But i think i couldnt find a clear specific answer of my problem....I also thought that "save as new version" would work 😞


About what map are we talking? And can you give me a screenshot of the error in question produced by the client?

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A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Maybe you can delete work-in-progress maps ? Also all replays are probably from the dev itself so they can be safely deleted too, cause there is 0 chance it's popular enough to be played.

@Jip I dont know why, but today it worked for me with "save as new version" the past i got always the failure message "Map_name.V0002 zip already exists", no matter what i tried...
Sounds stupid, but after trying it so often in the last days i dont know why it suddenly worked...^^ Hope i didnt waste your time...

Btw: Thank you for the Discord Link!
I play Supcom since i was a 8-9yo kid (now im 21) and its so nice to see that there is still an active community out there!
Im getting deeper and deeper in Map Edition and this Forum\Discord Server helps me a lot...
Espacially your Posting concerning the Markers was very helpful!

Glad to hear 😄

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned