FAF Map Vault Rules & Regulations


This thread will serve as the place where we inevitably place the rules and their translations, similar to previous rule pages on the old forum. This will also be where the client links you when you hit the "show vault rules" button, eventually.

The second draft of the document is now here:

We now have an admin log for both maps and mods:

Use that link to view actions taken by the FAF Creative Team

If you're one of the people who have offered to translate the rules, please don't translate anything until the document is finalised.

Dump feedback here: https://discord.gg/gN4SdPb


What would be involved in helping hide maps/mods?


@scytale said in FAF Map Vault Rules & Regulations:

What would be involved in helping hide maps/mods?

You would need to, simply:


I've posted a v2 of the draft and also the new admin log.
You can see both of those in the op.



I've added a small item to the map rules that properly forbids test maps, or maps intentionally left incomplete before uploading.

You don't need to upload maps to test them.

  • Add them to your map folder
  • Choose the map in the lobby

And you can play them on FAF without needing to upload them.

I plan to do the same to mods as well when we move the rules to this forum. Please don't upload incomplete content.


Would a loose recreation of a map from another game (not using any of the original assets, only the name and general Layout) fall under Theft of Intellectual Property / Prohibition of the Use of Copyrighted Material ?


You should probably not copy the name. You can give a similar name, like if the original map was "Pirate's Perch" you could call it "Buckaneer's Porch" or something.

I'm not a copyright lawyer, but that seems like the first way to stay out of trouble. Copyright laws would vary by jurisdiction (e.g. USA and EU and Aus might have different rules) so it's best to play it safe. Also, if you don't copy the name, you attract less attention, there is less argument that people can claim it is a direct copy, or that you're trying to trick people, take advantage of the original name, etc.

As far as the general layout goes, I have no idea if that can technically be a copyright violation, but I think it's common enough in the industry for fans to make tribute maps that nobody actually goes after modders for doing it. So it's probably safe.


Agree with arma here. I suggest you give an alternate name and perhaps ammend the orginal name into the description instead. We are not able to know how other companies or map creators from said will handle recreations, so it is best to play safe there.


Just Quickly:

I've added an ammendment to the rules that gives the FAF Creative team liability to remove content that the server identifies as being a "Zip Bomb"

Maps that trigger this warning cannot be downloaded by anyone and are essentially useless icons on the vault. Adding this small ammendment just gives us a rule to hide them, and a way to list it on the admin log.

Maps should not need to be zipped or otherwise compressed by the author before uploading.