FAF Map Vault Rules & Regulations


This thread will serve as the place where we inevitably place the rules and their translations, similar to previous rule pages on the old forum. This will also be where the client links you when you hit the "show vault rules" button, eventually.

For now, I have a first draft ready to recieve input from you. It's this file:

Please refer to this document for now instead of the old one, if you have questions of feedback drop them here: https://discord.gg/Ax98tN4

If you're one of the people who have offered to translate the rules, please don't translate anything until the document is finalised.

"So what has changed?"

  • As promised in the election proposal, the 3 Stratum Rule and Meme Map Rule are no longer in the document. A third rule that restricts arbitrary maps or maps made on a symbol, is also gone.

  • Maps that are similar to eachother, or are variants of another map are no longer banned. This rule will soon be revised and reimplemented in another fashion to prevent spam while still allowing users to create different variants correctly.

  • I'm adding a rule that prevents you from using the same name as an original GPG map.

  • I'm adding a rule that allows the FAF Creative team to take ownership of maps that have lost their metadata upon upload. This means maps that have "author unknown" or other such errors. I added a clause that suggests you add your name to the description as a backup for contacting in case this happens.

  • Removed all imagery from the document, and also removed any additional "tutorial esque" elements except for a versioning guide. Rewrote some areas to compensate.

"What else is coming?"

  • Rules may be changed or added as we work to ensure all of our bases are covered. I'll update this forum post as they're changed.

  • Need to continue unifying the wording to ensure the consistency and clarity of the document.

  • Need to create a new adminstration log, to be linked here.


If you were banned from the vault, we're starting a clean slate and you are unbanned as of now as promised in the election proposal.

Let me know regarding the following things:
If you have any suggestions for new rules and such.
If you're interested in helping hide maps / or mods.
If you're interested in translating these rules into languages that are NOT Russian or German.

Or in pm: let me know what you think about the mod vault rules, because they're next.


What would be involved in helping hide maps/mods?


@scytale said in FAF Map Vault Rules & Regulations:

What would be involved in helping hide maps/mods?

You would need to, simply:

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