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@cyborg16 Starts perfectly fine for me with 6.3, although 5.0 is still recommended.

Did you remember using "PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 PROTON_NO_FSYNC=1 %command%" as start parameters?


Already had PROTON_NO_ESYNC there but not the other. Either way it starts from Steam but not from the command-line or Downlord's client.

Edit: 5.13 also doesn't work. 4.11 does work, as does 5.0.


Try removing and recreating the prefix, 5.13 onwards uses containers.


Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't work either. If I remove steamapps/compatdata/9420, set Steam to use Proton 6.3-5 and try to launch through Steam, it fails:

warning: z:\home\me\games\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\supreme commander forged alliance\gamedata\effects.scd\effects\cartographic.fx: unable to compile effect: z:\home\me\games\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\supreme commander forged alliance\gamedata\effects.scd\effects\cartographic.fx reason: unknown error

Doing the same with Proton 5.13-6 works through Steam, but still won't load, e.g. trying to load a local replay (command copied from Downlord's client):

$ /home/me/games/faf/run-proton-5.13 /home/me/.faforever/bin/ForgedAlliance.exe /init init.lua /nobugreport /log /home/me/.faforever/logs/game_14792563.log /replay /home/me/.faforever/cache/temp.scfareplay /replayid 14792563
wineserver: using server-side synchronization.
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 9420
Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID:  Caching Steam ID:  <number> [API loaded no]

Running with Proton 5.0 using this prefix works however. Guess I'll stick with that for now.

The main issue I have is that ACU upgrade effects are not visible; also I think the Cybran ACU gun is less visible than it should be. Small thing.

Oh, I'm using these launch options in Steam; they may be outdated:


@Cyborg16 did you try pointing faf to this script instead of to the steam run file :


Small suggestion about those ACU upgrade effects, you could try using WineD3D instead of DXVK by replacing




It doesn't use the new API anymore that way, but with a computer not powered by a potato that should be no problem at all.


@tatsu: no, I've been using the prefix created by Steam (steamapps/compatdata/9420). I did try your script but had some issues with the wine install. But careful with the prefix since it contains your Game.prefs with all your key-bindings; make sure not to lose that!

@sereiya said in Linux Support:


I tried this and it made no difference to the visuals. Did it for you?


@Cyborg16 did you try having steam generating a run file, copying that file to your FAF folder and having FAF point to that instead?


@tatsu yes that's what I've been doing all along.


@cyborg16 oh you got the niceness level bug. I had that before. I solved it by reinstalling my linux in the newest version.

sorry 😕 no better solution.


I have recently had to format and reinstall Ubuntu 20.04.
Trying to reinstall steam via the .deb already caused some issues with missing 32bit packages.
Rather than going on a hunt for all these packages I just installed the flatpak version of steam instead which seems to work fine.

However trying to launch FA from steam (no matter the ProtonDB version selected and yes I use the recommended launch options) results in a black screen with an error popup that has as the first line:
CD3DDeviceResources::DevResInitResources: Unable to load effect file /effects/cartographic.fx
The rest of the log is exactly the same (except for the filepaths ofcourse) as the reddit link in other examples.

This error is discussed on the linux setup page on the faf wiki, but only in relation to the original ISO setup.

It seems like it has something to do with directx9.
I have already experimented cycling through different Nvidia drivers with no succes.

Do any of you know what this is and if there is a solution?

Some other examples of people with the same Error:

Just a couple days ago on an unknown linux distro:

on the old FAF forums:

In 2010 on Windows:

There also seems to be a slightly different version of this error which apparently can be resolved by pointing the FAF client to the right executable as discussed:
But this version of the error doesn't seem relevant for those that follow tatsu's youtube video and point FAF to the runfile generated by steam.

Does anybody know what the error means and what can be done to fix it?
Because I have for a fact played FA with this exact laptop using ubuntu 20.04 in the past.


Yeah I tried and failed with the flatpack method.

path doesn't go through.

that's probably by design. it's supposed to be a sandbox.

so I just force the .deb install of steam.

it works if you make sure graphics drivers are correctly installed first.