1v1 MapGen Tournament

Tournament Director (TD): Sheikah
Date: February 20th, 2021
Start Time: 14:00 GMT
Seeding: Ladder Rating at February 6th 2021, 00:00 UTC
Format: BO3 Single Elimination (Map Size Order: 10km, 20km, 5km)
Challonge Bracket 1: https://challonge.com/mz8kq3tj
Challonge Bracket 2: https://challonge.com/jd8jpajd
Channel: #MapGenTourney

Bracket 1 Prize Pool

  • 1st Place: $75 and MapGen Avatar
  • 2nd Place: $50 and Faction Face Avatar
  • 3rd Place: Faction Logo Avatar

Bracket 2 Prize Pool (Need at least 8 in Bracket)

  • 1st Place: MapGen Avatar and Lesson with Tagada
  • 2nd Place: Faction Face Avatar
  • 3rd Place: Faction Logo Avatar

This will be a BO3 Single Elimination 1v1 Tournament played using generated maps.

There will be 2 Brackets for this tournament and players will be seeded according to their ladder rating on February 6th 2021 in the FAF Database. The top 16 players will be entered into Bracket 1. The remaining players will be entered into Bracket 2.

Players can sign up by posting in this thread.

Each Round will be a BO3 played on a generated map. Each game in the BO3 will be played on a different size map in the following order.
Game 1: 10km, Game 2: 20km, Game 3: 5km (if needed)

Generation Rules: Maps will be generated using the Tournament generation type with the number of spawns set to 2 with the appropriate map size for each game as shown in the image below. Tournament generation will force all options to be random
Host generator will alternate with the lower ranked player generating first
Using previously generated maps will be considered cheating and treated accordingly
Tournament Style maps have the time of generation in UTC included in the map description. Players can check this in game if there is any doubt by pressing f12 and clicking on the map name in the pop-up window. The map description will be at the bottom of the window.

Map Veto: During Each BO3 each player will be able to veto a single map. The lower seeded player will decide if they want to veto first followed by the higher seeded player. If a map is vetoed the player who used the veto will be required to send the map name they veto to the TD. Once sent that player will no longer have any vetoes for the rest of the round. The host for that game will then generate another map. Once both vetoes are used in a BO3 the map as generated must be used. Vetoes can only be used before a game has started when both players are in the game lobby. You cannot launch into the game and then decide to veto the map.

Draws: In the event of a draw the game will be replayed on a new map of the same size. No additional vetoes will be given.

Disconnects: In the event of a disconnect prior to 5 minutes the game will be replayed on the same map. Disconnects occurring after 5 minutes will be determined at the discretion of the TD

Prove that you are more than just your build orders.

Bracket 1:
Fremy_Speeddraw: 2362
Blodir: 2309
Espeperant: 2243
Nexus-: 2229
Shinobu: 2207
JaggedAppliance: 2125
Tex: 2115
Swkoll: 2048
WoundedElkNoob: 2006
Blast_Chilled: 2000
BlInChik: 1977
Raider-: 1944
archsimkat: 1907
Box-: 1906
Eternal-: 1825
Inspektor_Kot: 1807

Bracket 2:
Bloodoath: 1722
cocAurico: 1693
harzer99: 1674
YUNGAUTONoob: 1606
sadnoob: 1490
Neytron: 1440
darkym: 1434
Vaginator_: 1374
Thalia: 1363
kite: 1358
Winner1: 1160
Exselsior: 1110
grimplex: 1069
MassNotFound: 981
Yadle: 873
tatsu: 828
Wainan: 824
Skouby: 695
Arran: 684
Mightypeasant: 626
CoochieMan: 385

Image of Tournament Generator Settings

Screenshot (206).png

Signing up, 1000 global, 800 1v1

Signing up, 1500 global, 1370 1v1

Signing up, 1400 global, 1159 1v1

Im in

1800 Global 1800 Ladder

Signing up, 1906 ladder as of Feb 6th.

Sheikah has a script to get your ratings guys, don't need to signup with it.

I want to participate

sign me up pls.

sing me up pls

sing me up plz

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Signing up

Fuuuck I'd love to do something like that but for lower braket players. I can't compete with the likes of ZLO, archsimkat and Tagada.

tatsu, you don't have to win to have fun!

@Sheikah darkym 721 TMM and 1433 ladder