Loading screen

With the advent of tmm drawing near, changing the ingame loading screen to include the following information should be considered:

  • map name and preview
  • player names, ratings and teams

The reason this is relevant now (and wasn't before) is that in custom games you know all these things beforehand since you went through the arduous lobby process. With tmm this is no longer the case and often I find myself wishing I had a little bit of time to consider whether I'm going first bomber or not B)

I know most people load in pretty fast so it's not an incredibly high priority change, but it would be nice to have even if only in simple text form.

Would this info be given before or after people can hit "cancel" to walk away from the match without losing rating?

@arma473 on "teleport" post screen

I concur with this suggestion.

I made an attempt to do what you suggested and the results are not good. The main problem is this post is a screen called before initializing the game itself (before everything will load). I tried to get the session data before creating the game, but it doesn't exist. I'll try to find other ways, but I don't think anything will work out from player side.

U.P.D. Maybe I started wrong. i need to try through the lobby data : D

That info should be saved in "scenacioInfo" inside the lobby and it's coppied into ScenarioInfo in sim. So some import of it from the loading screen or just passing it via function param and then you can do w/e you want it it.
Just setting up some UI elements and placing them correctly.

I cant get how can i deepcopy the full gamedata with the whole information about player.. Made something via "hack" with one string.


I`m not smart enough to do the right things, but i think i will do something like map preview with players spawns and list of players after some weeks xD

U.P.D. Okay, it doesnt work with online games. I will back to this late

Nowadays the PCs are so strong that you see the loading screen for one second. The time to develop this feature is better invested in other features or to solve bugs.